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   Chapter 113 No Way

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Time passed quietly. It had been about three days since Nancy saw Mond last time.

Besides, she saw the report on TV about Hedy and Mond, saying that the two of them were now affectionate, as if their old love had been rekindled.

Now the Internet had already spread the news that the two of them grew up together. It was because of the involvement of the movie star, Nancy, that the two of them were separated...

Mond didn't clarify this matter, and the paparazzi released pictures of the two of them staying together with an intimate look.

Nancy's heart ached. Now in the Lu Family, she was alone. During the day, Mond went to work in the company and after work, he went to the hospital to take care of Hedy. He looked so affectionate that he completely forgot that there was a wife at home.

Besides, when Mond wasn't at home, all the members of the Lu Family, except for Noah and Monica, were ready to make a move. They mocked Nancy in public and secretly that she was an ominous person and embarrassed the Lu Family.

Those who had been bullied by Mond wouldn't let go of this opportunity to take revenge on Nancy.

Although Hilton used to look like an elder, now she finally revealed her true face.

One day, there was someone else in the room. She asked, "Nancy, now that Mond isn't at home all day long, don't you really have any other feelings? Or is it you who pushed Hedy so that you can rest assured that he will take care of her?"

On the surface, Hilton was worried about Nancy. In fact, only she knew what she was thinking.

No matter what Hilton said, although Nancy was sad, she didn't want to show it in front of everyone.

"Auntie, Mond knows clearly what kind of injustice I have suffered. After all, they grew up together. Anyway, Hedy was injured when she was with me. He should take care of her."

Although she said the words calmly, her heart was bleeding.

Because the oath Mond had made to her was still fresh in her mind, but she didn'

the one who cared about her with all his heart.

In the past, Mond cared about her very much. Now his heart was completely focused on Hedy, and he should have forgotten that there was a wife waiting for him at home.

No matter how much Noah supported her, Nancy was very clear. She knew that she would spend the rest of her life with Mond, and it had nothing to do with Noah.

"You'd better find a way to let him go home early. After all, you haven't been married for a long time. It's not good for your relationship if you always separate." The thought of Mond's mother made Noah sad.

If Mond's mother didn't die, it was impossible for him to marry another two wives. After all, in his heart, Mond's mother was irreplaceable.

Moreover, according to what they had done at that time, the two of them had a romantic story, so Noah loved Mond very much, because this was the treasure God gave to him and the one he loved most...

"Dad, just let him be. No one can take away what belongs to me, and no one can keep anything that doesn't belong to me. If he really falls in love with Hedy, I'm willing to let him go."

Originally, Nancy had a sad look on her face, which could be said to be fake.

However, as she spoke more and more, she felt that this was her true thought and had nothing to do with the lines...

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