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   Chapter 112 Difficult To Accept

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Now, Nancy had become the target of everyone's attention, which was hard for her to accept.

After all, she was the victim. Why did everyone believe in Hedy? Was it because she was injured and hospitalized?

Standing at home alone, she felt very sad. She didn't dare to turn on the phone, fearing that she would be scolded by everyone.

When Mond finally came back home, she thought he would comfort her and not let her worry too much.

Because it had been like this before, but today when Mond came back home, his face was gloomy, as if someone owed him millions.

"Mond, how can the media nowadays do this? They don't know the truth and just talk nonsense. How can they be so irresponsible?"

Originally, Nancy wanted to ask for the help and protection of Mond, even if she could ask him to comfort her. She had been isolated and helpless in this family, not to mention that such a thing had happened, and everyone looked at her with different eyes.

"Sometimes you don't have to blame everyone. After all, it's normal for the media to favor Hedynow. After all, it's her who gets hurt, not you."

Said Mond expressionlessly. Although his tone was acceptable to Nancy, she felt very aggrieved because he didn't comfort her at all.

"You'd better find a way to press this matter down. Explain more for me about Dad." Said Nancy, looking at Mond.

But she didn't expect that the following words came from Mond's mouth, "How do you expect me to explain to him? After all, it was you who did it. It's useless for me to say anything. Do I explain to him that this is not what you did?"

"Why do you say that? I've already told you that I'm innocent. It's Hedy. She likes you and says that I'm the third party in your relationship. Do you even believe this excuse?"

Seeing the attitude of Mond, Nancy was a little sad.

"If you had been more patient, how could such a thing happen? You don't need to do blame Hedy for everythi

y fallen in love with Mond, not as cold and indifferent as she looked.

Mond didn't come back all night. On the next morning, when Nancy went downstairs to have breakfast, she still didn't see her husband come back...

When Noah went to work, Elroy thought that now that such a thing had happened to Nancy, his father would no longer like her.

Besides, he had heard that Mond hadn't come back since he went to the hospital to take care of Hedy last night.

Now it seemed that this woman was isolated and helpless, so he sneered coldly, "My brother hasn't come back yet. He and Hedy are in the hospital. If a man and a woman stay in the same room, will they do anything shameful?"

"Well, don't say that anymore. Nancy is very sad now. Don't say that again." After all, Monica was a woman. She knew that only a woman would have a hard time if such a thing happened to her.

Therefore, she stopped her husband from hitting Nancy, just as the book said, "Why do women have to make things difficult for women?"

"You are just a woman. Don't interfere with what I say in the future. Don't say those useless words." Said Elroy.

Monica was a little afraid of Elroy. After all, in the Lu Family, few people were good to her.

Moreover, he was her husband, so she chose to remain silent.

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