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   Chapter 111 Unpredictable

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"There must be reporters at the gate of the company, but we should be able to get in. Let's go to the company of the Lu Family now." After saying that, Nate started the car. He wanted to know how his daughter was doing?

But when they arrived at the company, they didn't find any reporters squatting there.

They told the receptionist that they wanted to see Mond, but the receptionist asked them, "do you have an appointment? Without an appointment, it's impossible for him to see you."

Ivy was so excited that she wanted to say that she was Mond's mother-in-law. But when she thought of this, she was reminded that it was not known by others.

Only a few people related to the Lu Family knew that Nancy and Mond had married, and they didn't announce it to the outside world.

So Ivy controlled her temper and said, "please tell Mond that Uncle Nie wants to see him."

Although she didn't want to inform Mond, she saw that they seemed to have something urgent, so the receptionist called and told his secretary that Uncle Nie and his wife wanted to see Mond.

Soon, the receptionist hung up the phone and said politely, "Mr. Mond invites you in."

"Thank you." Ivy thanked her politely.

After all, her politeness was there. No matter how anxious she was, politeness was necessary.

When the two of them saw Mond, they found that he seemed to be worried in the office alone.

His secretary also came in. Mond asked him to make two cups of tea for them.

When the secretary came in to make tea, Mond waved his hand, indicating him to go out.

Ivy was very careful. She knew that her son-in-law was pretending to be dumb, and no one knew about it. So she was afraid that their conversation would be heard by others, so she went to lock the door, so that they could have a safe conversation.

"Dad, mom, I know what you mean by coming here. I'm also trying to figure it out."

Mond said first, without waitin

wait and see. The worst result is that we won't let our daughter shoot in the future. As for these rumors, they should disappear soon." Nate comforted his wife helplessly.

However, Ivy didn't think so. "Now that Nancy's reputation has been ruined by others. Can we just let it go now?"

"Now there is no way for my daughter's agency to deal with this. It seems that someone is behind it. There is really no other way, unless the person who framed my daughter can be found." Nate replied.

"I don't think we can count on Mond now. We have to figure out a way."

However, he didn't agree with his wife. After all, it was not easy for a woman to understand a man's mind.

"Maybe Mond has other plans in his mind. Anyway, he has always been very good to Nancy. If he believes in the gossip outside, he will believe it at the first time. He won't wait until now."

Although Ivy didn't have any desire for Mond now, objectively speaking, what Nate said was right, and she couldn't refute it.

Now her daughter had married into the Lu Family, so every move of this matter was related to the reputation of the Lu Family.

However, not many people knew that Nancy and Mond had married. So the Lu Family might not take the initiative to take action.

The reason was so disappointing.

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