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   Chapter 110 Uncontrolled Public Opinion

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"Mond, you are not at home. Look at what your wife has done to me. Now my foot is a little broken. Don't you think she has gone too far?"

Hedy's accusation with blood and tears made Mond frown slightly. In his heart, he believed what Nancy had said, so he felt Hedy was not an innocent person.. She always spoke as if she was telling the truth.

"What's wrong with you? You haven't seen each other for a long time. Why do you have such a big grudge?" Mond pointed out the key point of the problem and wanted to let Hedy face it. This is in our Lu Family, not in your family.

Moreover, both of her parents were there. They were calm and wise, so Mond wrote this sentence.

In Hedy's mind, Mond didn't know about it, so he asked.

"It's your wife who didn't believe me, so she asked me a lot of questions. We got angry because our conversation was too sharp. That's why she pushed me to the ground and hurt me."

Hedy knew that Mond must have asked Nancy about it, so she told him so much.

Mond continued to write on the paper, "my wife has told me that you have admitted what happened to her when she was filming. I want to know why.

It was not until then that her parents realized that their daughter had done a lot of wrong things to Nancy.

They looked at her reproachfully, feeling that she was brainless. Now that Mond was disabled, why did she still like him?

But considering that Mond was still here, they didn't blame her.

Hearing what Mond said, Hedy refused to admit, "don't listen to him. Why should I admit what I haven't done? She framed me. Why would I do that to her? "

Because of their trust and love for their daughter, now that they heard that Hedy didn't admit these things, her parents thought that Nancy was deliberately framing their daughter.

Hedy's father said solemnly, "Mond, I don't care whether it was intentional or not. Anyway, my daughter is injured now. I don't want to h

paparazzi surrounding the gate of the Lu family from a distance.

It seemed that it was impossible for them to enter the Lu Family quietly.

Sitting in the car, Ivy said anxiously, "honey, what should we do now? How can we go in and see our daughter safely?"

"Now the paparazzi have surrounded the house so tightly. If we go in, they will definitely not let us go. What on earth is going on now? We don't know at all, so we don't even have the right to speak. "

Nate was a little anxious. He felt sorry for his daughter. Why didn't she tell him that she had suffered injustice? It was said that daughters trusted their parents the most, wasn't it?

"What should we do now? We can't leave our daughter alone." At this time, she had no idea what to do. As the saying goes, "care makes trouble.".

However, what Nate said made the two of them a little sober. "We can't get in touch with our daughter. Call Mond. He must know what happened inside."

"Yes, how can I forget it? I'll call Mond now and see what he will say." Ivy picked up the phone and called him.

The phone rang for many times, but no one answered.

Ivy felt anxious. "What's wrong with the two kids today? Why don't they answer the phone? Is there anything wrong? Let's go to his company and have a look. "

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