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   Chapter 102 Go Home

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Feeling a headache, Nancy rubbed her temples. Her mother had heard about her accident.

She replied helplessly, "Mom, don't worry. I'm fine now."

"So it seems that the news online is true. Nancy, have you offended anyone?" Although she heard that her daughter was answering her phone, she was still scared.

"I didn't offend anyone. It was an accident." Although the matter hadn't come to an end, in order not to make her mother worry, she had no choice but to say so.

Now she was very suspicious of Hedy, but she did not have any evidence to prove it, so all her doubts were in vain.

Ivy heaved a long sigh of relief when she heard that Nancy didn't offend anyone.

"Then you must be careful when you do something alone there. Don't offend anyone casually. If someone wants to hurt you on purpose, you must tell mom." Ivy was a very kind-hearted woman. As long as Nancy was not involved, everything else would be negotiable.

If she knew it was Hedy who wanted to kill her daughter, she would never agree.

What Nancy said next made her very happy. "Mom, don't worry. The director knows that I'm afraid of this matter, so he let me rest for a few days and temporarily shoot other part of the movie. So I'll go home tomorrow."

"That's great. We don't lack money. If you don't like this job, I won't let you go to work." Said Ivy.

Nancy was tired of hearing these words. She liked acting very much. She was afraid that her mother would hinder her from being an actress after she knew the truth, so she didn't dare to tell her mother that something had happened recently.

If she was an ordinary daughter, she would definitely tell her mother about what had happened, but what Nancy thought was different from others.

If her mother knew that so many things had happened recently, she would definitely not allow her daughter to act again.

"Mom, stop nagging. I need to go to bed

ou are hungry, let's go to eat. "

"Yes, I'm hungry. But it's noon now. How can you not be hungry? Let's go."

Ron pulled her suitcase and was about to push Mond, but Nancy took it over and said, "let me push him."

That was exactly to Ron's content. In fact, a small separation between a couple was better than a wedding. He was like a big light bulb among them.

Nancy pushed Mond out of the airport slowly. According to Mond's order, they found a restaurant nearby and had dinner there.

Ron took the opportunity to slip away and said, "young master, Nancy, please have dinner. I have something to deal with. I'll go out and call you when you finish eating. I'll pick you up."

"Then you can go out now. I will call you when I leave."

They had been friends for many years. It was impossible that Mond didn't know what he was thinking.

Mond ordered a few of Nancy's favorite dishes and asked, "are you a little greedy while filming outside? The food of the crew shouldn't be good, right?"

How did he know that? Nancy was surprised.

Mond smiled and said, "I knew it with my toes. The director asked you to make money, and there are so many people in the crew, so it's impossible for them to take care of you every day. It's good that you can be full."

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