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   Chapter 101 Did It on Purpose

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At this time, the crew of the play had already been in an uproar. Last night, several people who were preparing the swing were working until midnight, but Nancy fell into the river and almost died.

Hearing the director scolding themselves, they were obviously not convinced. Because in their minds, they had already made it very solid, and the rope was also very solid.

Someone picked up the place where it broke and saw that the end of the rope was completely cut off. It was obvious that someone did it on purpose.

The director was so angry that he called the police. After all, although something unpleasant had happened before, it was just a small matter and did not threaten anyone's life.

If others hadn't rescued Nancy and Ellen in time today, he would have died and almost implicated Ellen.

When the police car arrived, everyone reported their findings to the police.

The police took the rope and wanted to investigate the two parties.

But the director told them, "that's how it happened. Please don't bother the two actors anymore, because from beginning to end, they know nothing. Everyone has seen what happened today. If there is anything that you don't understand, you can ask us directly."

The police respected him very much. They also heard that the two actors were resting now. After all, after this kind of thing, two parties must be still in a state of shock.

Since the director was too kind to let two parties continue to work, the police followed his advice and asked several people on the spot.

In fact, the investigation had no other effect now, because this was a shooting place, and there were so many people. No matter where the potential clue was, it had been almost destroyed.

In fact, the director didn't have much hope. He just wanted to take this opportunity to frighten those who were playing tricks, hoping that they could restrain themselves.

No one would have thought that this matter was done by Hedy, a woman who looked very weak.

idn't tell him the exact time.

Sometimes it was normal for the plane to be delayed, so she worried that Mond would feel lonely waiting there.

"I see. I will pick you up tomorrow if I have time. If I really cannot be there, I will arrange a car for you." Said Mond.

However, Nancy quickly stopped him. "I don't know when I will arrive. Don't think about it. Even if I get off, it's convenient for me. I'll take a taxi back."

"I see. You must be careful. It is tomorrow morning's flight. Go to bed early tonight. If you have anything to talk with me, we can talk about it later."

Although Mond didn't talk at ordinary times, he was very sensitive.

The two of them chatted for a few more minutes before hanging up the phone. However, Nancy felt that she was a little reliant on him.

As soon as Mond hung up the phone, Ivy called her. The news of her daughter had been spread on the Internet.

Although every time she called Nancy, her daughter always told her the good news but not the bad news, she was still worried.

Seeing that the news of her daughter falling into the water was widely discussed on the Internet today, Ivy couldn't sit still any longer. She called her daughter, So when she picked up the phone, she heard the voice of Ivy, "my daughter, is it true that you fell into the water on the Internet?"

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