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   Chapter 100 The Savior

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Everyone exclaimed in unison. It was autumn now and it was a little cold in the morning. Wearing thin clothes, Nancy fell into the lake. She must be very cold.

At this time, others didn't say anything but saw Ellen rush to the river with a big stride. He was still wearing the palace clothes and plunged into the river before he could take off his shoes.

At this time, everyone's hearts had risen to their throats. Only Hedy, who was hiding behind them, felt a sense of schadenfreude in her heart...

She hoped that Nancy would stay in the river forever and not be saved.

Ellen jumped into the river. He tried several times but still couldn't find Nancy, so he was sure that she couldn't swim at all.

Then, a few other people also jumped into the water and joined the rescue.

The director was so anxious that his forehead was covered with sweat and he kept shouting.

When Ellen came up to catch his breath, he saw the hair of Nancy floating not far away, which proved that she was there.

He hurried over and grabbed her hair, trying to let her face surface.

At this time, the rest of the people swam towards them, trying to help Ellen save Nancy.

Mr. Liu, Nancy's assistant, had already cried out on the top and kept shouting.

Nancy had drunk a lot of water. Now she was struggling desperately. She might be choked by the water and feel very uncomfortable. When Ellen went to save her, she held his hand tightly.

If Ellen didn't have any skills, he would have been pulled into the water by her.

Just as the two of them were engaged in a seesaw battle, several other people who had jumped into the water also arrived.

They saved Nancy with all their might. At this time, Ellen also drank a few mouthfuls of water.

He was an A-lister star, so someone tried to pull him up. When he was pulled up by everyone, he sat on the ground and couldn't help but spit.

The director was very scared. The hero and heroine of the play were almost drowned. If something really ha

ntioned what happened in the past, just to know the authenticity of this matter.

Mr. Liu, Nancy's assistant, said, "I'm sorry, everyone. Now you have known that Miss Nancy fell into the water just now, so she hasn't recovered yet. Please don't disturb her."

"Please tell us whether you two are lovers or not. Is it because of the drama?"

Sure enough, it was the paparazzi who associated everything. And they were telling the story, looking very convincing.

"I'm sorry. The crew will give you a clear reply on this matter. Now the two actors are very uncomfortable. Please don't disturb their rest." The crew declined politely.

They hoped that the reporters could let them go and stop pestering them on this matter.

It never occurred to Nancy that she would be so unlucky. She had just fallen into the river and was even entangled by these reporters.

Seeing Ellen and Nancy, the two of them tightly pursed their lips, and heard the crew say they would definitely give them an answer, so they decided to let Ellen and Nancy pass.

After all, the two of them were sick now, and no one dared to force them to answer here. Once something happened, they could not bear it.

It was not until then that Nancy and Ellen were able to escape. They hurried outside and waited for their car to take them back to the hotel for rest

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