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   Chapter 98 Disturbance

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On the next day, when Nancy was filming, her agent called and said angrily, "What are you doing now? Don't forget that you are still filming. How could you do such a thing? "

"What are you talking about? I don't understand. " Nancy was confused by the words of the other end of the line. She took time to answer the phone, but was scolded.

"The news about you and Ellen has been widely discussed. You have just started your career, and this matter is very disadvantageous to you. Look carefully, today several media have exposed that you have something to do with Ellen."

Although the agent's words were very euphemistic, Nancy had a sensitive feeling that someone must have set her up.

"I don't know what you are talking about now, but I'll wait and see. I'll reply later." After hanging up the phone, Nancy opened the website of her mobile phone.

There was a heated discussion inside, saying that she had an affair with the A-lister Ellen. Because of this, Ellen threatened the director and let her become the leading actress of this play.

When she saw this, she couldn't help but feel angry. Originally, she hated the hidden rules of the entertainment circle very much, and she paid special attention to her words and deeds, afraid of bringing unnecessary trouble to herself.

Now it seemed that someone did it on purpose, trying to frame her. Even the scene of the play between her and Ellen was very clear, saying that the two of them were kissing and hugging passionately...

At this time, her assistant, Mr. Liu, also ran over and said, "Nancy, the agency has called me to ask about the authenticity of this matter. I have told them the whole story. They are trying to deal with it. Don't worry."

"How could this happen to me? Mr. Liu, I've been very careful, because I know the entertainment circle is very complicated, but I didn't expect that I was accidentally hit." Nancy said angrily.

Ellen had also seen the news, but his performance was different from that of Nancy. He though

the two of them return to shooting. After all, from his heart, he was unwilling to believe that the two of them had an affair.

Although Nancy's marriage had never been made public, she had always restricted herself with the identity of marriage and didn't allow herself to make any small mistakes.

Although she and Mond were not a real couple, she had to live up to the reputation of Mrs. Lu as long as they two didn't divorce each other.

The two of them continued to shoot. A few days later, this matter disappeared without a trace as if it had never happened.

The two of them acted in the same way every day, and they believed that because of so many people at that time, they gave each other a chance, and perhaps it was because of this opportunity that the news was spread out.

Every time Hedy was watching them closely, she thought that they had already been on guard. If she played the same trick again, it would be very difficult.

She continued to contact the paparazzi every day. When Nancy and Ellen left the site, she sent a message to them, telling them that they had left the site and asked them to pay attention to where they had gone.

Nancy and Ellen were broad-minded, thinking that they had no selfish motives and that no one else could slander them, so the two of them did not restrain themselves at all...

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