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   Chapter 93 Suspicion

Love You Truly Wholly By Qing Huan Characters: 6205

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"Director Li, I don't know what's going on. I feel something wrong with this dress, which makes me itchy and uncomfortable." Nancy said awkwardly.

"Then go and change it. If there is anything wrong, you can change another one." The director gestured for Nancy to go to the dressing room.

Nancy's assistant, Mr. Liu, came to hold her in a hurry to prevent her from falling down in such high arched shoes. The two of them entered the dressing room. In a hurry, she changed all her costume and underwear, feeling much more relaxed.

Mr. Liu immediately filled her body with perfume to eliminate the itch.

"Are you still itchy?" Mr. Liu asked.

"It seems that something is wrong with my clothes. Now I don't feel that way after I change my clothes."

Although she still had a little powder on her body, it was much better after being corroded by the perfume.

"I see. I will check your clothes carefully before you wear them." Mr. Liu blamed himself for his dereliction of duty.

"Well, let's go out. Everyone is waiting for us to shoot. After a movie is finished, we will have no scenes to shoot today." Nancy was very responsible.

Mr. Liu also said, "Nancy, I didn't expect you are so perfect to act in ancient costume. Now it seems that you have a wide range of acting."

When the two continued to act, Ellen asked with concern, "What happened to you just now? Does it have anything to do with your clothes?"

"It should be. The clothes may have been stained with something unclean, so it's itchy to wear them." Facing Ellen's concern, Nancy nodded to express her gratitude.

Ellen had been in the entertainment industry for a long time and knew that there were all kinds of people mixed up in this big field.

So he kindly reminded her, "Have you offended anyone in this crew? No matter what you do in the future, you must

that the director had taken special care of Nancy, while the arrogant Ellen, who had been rumored to be, had taken care of Nancy like a sister, which made her envious.

And in the Lu Family, Mond seemed to dote on Nancy very much. After all, she was the daughter of the He Family, but why wasn't she as lucky as Nancy?

Since they was in this wilderness, there was nothing to deal with Nancy. Moreover, after the last two incidents, she must be on the alert. If Hedy wanted to deal with her in the future, it would be very difficult.

Anyway, the reason why Hedy joined the crew was to deal with Nancy. She couldn't shrink back because of a little difficulty...

On the next day, when they started to go to Xi'an, Ellen and Nancy sat together, discussing how to perform the best scene tomorrow.

The hero and heroine must have an unspeakable tacit understanding, so that they will suffer less and try their best to achieve the desired effect in the shortest time.

This kind of scene was normal in the whole crew. Generally, the dedicated hero and heroine would do the same.

Although Ellen was an A-lister star, he was very dedicated to his work. Although Nancy was a little famous now, she was nothing compared to him.

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