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   Chapter 89 Obedient

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"Yes, I do want to go out, but don't worry. As long as I have time, I will definitely come back to have a look. And the director is very good. This time he is shooting an ancient costume drama. I have never been involved in this field, and I want to make a breakthrough."

Nancy was itching to have a try and tried her best to persuade her family to agree to go out to act.

"Well, as long as you want to go out, I will respect your opinion. When will you leave?" Not knowing what was on Mond's mind, he readily agreed to let Nancy go out.

This made his parents-in-law very surprised. They had thought that if their daughter wanted to go out to act, it would be difficult for Mond to agree.

Although they had a fake marriage, it hadn't been long after they got married. If he let Nancy go out to act in the movie, there must be a risk that Mond would take.

They didn't know what was on Mond's mind. In fact, he had his own plan.

After all, Nancy was still a little resistant to him. Moreover, the Lu Family's situation was very complicated now. He didn't want such a simple person to be involved.

Elroy and Nathan were very cunning people. When staying with them, Nancy was no match for them.

Mond was ready to confront them. After all, no one wanted to kill a tiger, but a tiger was harmful to people's life. If he wanted to stay in the Lu Family in the future, he had to fight

He hoped that only when he could gain a firm foothold in the Lu Family could Nancy live a stable life there without any risk.

Therefore, he readily agreed to let Nancy go out to work. He also knew that if he didn't agree to let her go out to work, she wouldn't be happy. Seeing that Nancy was sad, Mond wouldn't be happy either.

Nancy didn't expect that Mond would be so straightforward. Since her parents didn't object and he agreed, she was completely relieved.

But then she had another concern. "What if your father doesn't agree?" In the Lu

face was calm, as if this was what he had expected.

"You and Mond can discuss this matter with each other. After all, you two have been married and are adults now. I won't interfere with your freedom."

On the surface, Noah was very open-minded, but in his heart, he was sure that if Nancy also left, Mond would not be a threat to his position.

Since he could achieve his goal and make Nancy happy, why not agree with such a perfect thing?

It could be said that only Mond was reluctant to let Nancy go to the set, and the others were secretly happy in their hearts.

In their eyes, Nancy was now a scheming woman. Not long after she came here, Nathan and Elroy, the two of them, didn't seem to be as favored as before in front of Noah.

Monica had been married for such a long time, but she hadn't been loved as much as Noah did to Nancy. Moreover, she knew that her husband was also admiring Nancy...

After all, Nancy was young and beautiful, and she was an actress. As a dissolute man, it would be abnormal if he didn't have a crush on her.

When Nathan heard that Nancy was going to go out to shoot, he was very happy. Thinking of the day when Hedy was so angry that her face turned blue, he had other ideas in his mind. He must be clear about where on earth she would go to shoot.

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