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   Chapter 85 Try My Best To Protect Her

Love You Truly Wholly By Qing Huan Characters: 6498

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It could be said that Nancy was newly here. She had heard from Mond that Hedy was like his sister, but she didn't expect that Hedy would tell Mond in front of her, which proved that their relationship was not as simple as Mond said.

She simply didn't say anything and looked at Mond calmly. How could he deal with this matter?

Mond took the pen and paper and wrote, "Nancy is right. No matter what, you are the lady of the He Family and you are our guest. Moreover, if she doesn't want to do these trifles, she can ask the servants to do it. She won't let you do it."

Nancy saw the paper, and so did Hedy. The thoughts of the two women were different. When Nancy saw that Mond tried his best to protect her, she was very happy.

However, Hedy didn't think so. She looked at the paper and thought that Mond also treated her as an outsider. Otherwise, he wouldn't embarrass her in front of Nancy.

She said in a shameless tone, "Mond, do you still treat me as an outsider? You know that uncle Noah likes me very much, not to mention that we grew up together. How can you say that I am your guest?"

Mond wrote indifferently, "I know we grew up together and I also want you to be my sister. But after all, your surname is not Lu, so it's polite for Nancy to treat you as a guest."

"Humph, I was just trying to help her decoct the medicine, but she didn't appreciate it. You just try your best to protect her."

Seeing that Mond tried his best to protect Nancy, Hedy couldn't help but feel angry and said something unpleasant.

Hearing this, Mond's face became a little serious. He continued, "Nancy is my wife, if I don't try my best to protect her, who should I try my best to protect? Besides, it was me who told her not to let others interfere in her medicine."

At this point, it seemed that there was no need to continue. No matter what Hedy said, Mond would try his best to protect Nancy without hesitation.


protect his wife, and she couldn't stand it anymore, so she said those harsh words.

Nathan was very familiar with her, so he came up with an idea. He greeted her warmly, "Miss Hedy, what's wrong with you? You look unhappy. "

"Nothing. I'm just annoyed by Mond." At this time, she was kind-hearted and didn't want to say anything bad of Nancy to others.

"I know even you didn't tell me. Look at you, you are so angry that you can't bear any small thing. You don't know how I suffered at home."

Although he didn't know exactly what had happened, Nathan was smart enough to take the opportunity to sow dissension between Hedy and Mond.

It was said that women in love were all stupid, let alone jealous women.

Hearing his words, Hedy became curious and wanted to know what on earth made him so angry.

"What's wrong with you? Tell me, what happened?" Asked Hedy.

"Let me tell you the truth. At first, Mond was a cripple, but since he married Nancy, that beautiful woman, now he is arrogant at home. He feels that the woman he married is more beautiful than anyone else."

It was unacceptable for all women to say that her rival in love was beautiful, and Hedy was no exception. It could be said that Nathan had seized the weakness of human nature and made good use of it...

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