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   Chapter 84 Resume Work

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Now, it seemed that Nancy was much better, and the cooperation couldn't wait any longer, so he asked Mond in a tone of inquiry.

Everyone who was familiar with him knew that although he said it in a tone of discussion, as long as he made a decision, no one could change it.

But Mond also wanted to go back to work. After all, he didn't want to be separated from the company. Only when he stayed in the company every day could he thoroughly know the inside story of the company...

He turned to look at Nancy, who nodded at him, indicating that he could go back to work.

He nodded at his father. Noah said with satisfaction, "Okay, you can go to work tomorrow. And Nathan, go to work with your brother from tomorrow on."

What he meant was that Nathan could get back to work. There was a happy expression on Hilton's face. After all, Nathan was still Noah's child. He couldn't bear to make things difficult for him.

"Thank you, Dad. I see." Nathan thanked him respectfully. In fact, he thought his father was unfair.

"You two work hard in the company. Don't pretend that you don't care about it." Said Noah.

So when they had breakfast the next day, Charlie and Ron came to pick up Mond. Now Ron had fully recovered.

Since Mond had returned to work, Ron wanted to go back as soon as possible to help him.

As usual, the two of them came to pick up Mond every morning and escorted him to work safely.

Before leaving, Mond told Nancy, "Nancy, when the servant decoct the medicine, you just stand aside and watch. You don't need to do it yourself."

"Well, don't worry about me. Just focus on your work." Nancy said with a smile.

After taking two more sets of medicine, she could completely stop. In her heart, she was happy.

In fact, Mond got up early in the morning to decoct medicine for her. He used to decoct medicine two times a day, and he would decoct it at night.

But in the after

wife was not innocent.

At first, Charlie and Ron often saw her in the Lu Family and knew that she liked Mond very much. When they saw her downstairs just now, they didn't take it seriously and thought it was normal.

But now seeing her come to the study, they knew that she must have something to say.

Now that Mond had arrived home safely, the two of them left. Today's task was completed.

Now there were only three people left in the room, Mond, Nancy and Hedy.

Mond looked at Hedy quietly and wanted to know what she wanted to say to him.

Although Nancy was also there, Hedy was not afraid of the situation at all. She had thought that Mond belonged to her. It was because of Nancy that she lost him.

So she complained in an aggrieved tone, "Mond, I met my sister-in-law downstairs just now. She said she wanted to decoct medicine. I saw that she was sick, so I wanted to decoct medicine for her, but she didn't allow me to do anything. What do you think she meant? I'm not an outsider in this house, how could she treat me so politely?"

The subtext of her words was that I was a member of this family, but Nancy treated me as an outsider.

Mond understood it in this way. He didn't know that he was deeply loved by Hedy, which he had never thought about.

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