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   Chapter 83 Have A Fever

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Every morning, before Charlie went to work, he came here to see if Mond had anything that needed him to do.

During the whole honeymoon period, Nancy stayed at home and didn't go out to play. Since the car accident last time, she didn't dare to mention going out again.

Ron had been in the hospital for more than 20 days and finally recovered. This news excited both Mond and Charlie.

When they had been married for almost a month, for some unknown reason, Nancy suddenly had a high fever.

This made Mond very anxious. He called the family doctor to give Nancy an infusion, but it didn't work for a long time. Sometimes, her fever was gone, but she still had a fever at night.

The family doctor also checked the blood of Nancy, which proved that she just caught a cold and had no other terrible diseases.

Hearing the news, Mond felt relieved. When he got married this time, he and Nancy had a car accident, and then she had a fever. Therefore, he believed that she had not lived a good life since she entered his home.

He took care of her day and night. Every night, he fed her water and ice on her forehead. These things were very delicate.

At first, Noah wanted to send some servants to take care of Nancy, but Mond was afraid that they would sleep too deep at night and couldn't take good care of her.

Nancy was very grateful to Mond for taking care of her. She didn't expect him to be so thoughtful.

Besides, it was Mond who made the medicine himself every day, because he didn't believe anyone at home. He took the medicine prescribed by the family doctor to make it himself every day.

One day, Hedy came over. The lady of the He Family had a crush on Mond since she was a child, and he had always treated her as his own sister, without any love between men and women.

Since Nancy and Mond got married, Hedy had been here for only two times, so Nancy was not familiar with her.

Everyone in the Lu Family had a normal feeling for the arrival of Hedy. After all, she had often come to the L

eet you, sister-in-law. Why are you downstairs? I heard that you have a fever."

"Yes, but I'm much better now. Thank you for your concern." Nancy said politely.

"I'll go back first. See you another day." With a wave of her hand, Hedy left immediately.

After a while, Mond put the medicine on his wheelchair and pressed the elevator button to go upstairs.

At this time, Nancy had already been lying on the bed. Seeing that Mond was not in a good health, he still ran up and down to decoct medicine for her.

"Thank you, Mond. Just let the servants do these things," said Nancy gratefully

"You know how messy our house is. I'm worried about you when someone else decoct medicine for you. Don't think too much. Just drink it later."

"Thank you." On the surface, Nancy looked calm, but in her heart, she seemed to have slowly accepted that Mond was her husband.

This man was so considerate. If she really stayed with him in the future, he would definitely treat her well...

When they had dinner in the evening, Noah told Mond, "The cooperation case you were in charge of last time, now the other party wants you to talk to them. Do you have any difficulty in going to work tomorrow?"

In fact, Mond should have gone to work earlier. Considering that Nancy didn't feel well these two days, Noah didn't have the nerve to say anything.

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