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   Chapter 81 Anger

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"What's going on? Nancy called me and wanted to go home. Look at our house, it's in such a mess. How could it be possible?" Noah was furious.

Sansa comforted him, "Don't worry about our family affairs. I'll handle it well."

"You'd better handle it well. Wait for me to come home if there is something." After hanging up the phone, Noah put on a smile and apologized, "I'm sorry, let's keep drinking."

The client seemed not to hear what he said just now and raised his glass to drink with him. After all, every family had a difficult story to read.

Now, Sansa had changed her opinions of Nancy. She clearly felt that she was not an easy person to deal with, nor was she as simple as she looked.

Trying her best to hold back her anger, she said to Nancy and Mond, "Don't be angry. No matter what, it's Elroy's fault, but you have to think for him. If it weren't for Mond who spoiled a bowl of hot soup on him, it wouldn't have caused today's matter. Let's understand each other."

"Well, Mrs. Sansa, now that Elroy didn't mean to do that, I feel much better. Anyway, you have to think about it for me. After all, it's not convenient for Mond's legs. If you continue to bully him, I will definitely feel bad."

What she said sounded sad and reasonable. In this situation, Mond couldn't say anything, so it was up to Nancy to say these words.

"They are brothers. How could they bully Mond? Although they are not born by the same mother, they are related by blood. So don't think too much about it.'' Sansa was a little happy, thinking that this matter had been solved.

Nancy pushed Mond back to their room, as if they didn't want to talk to anyone anymore. If people who didn't know the truth saw this, they would definitely think that the two of them were weak.

When the two of them returned to the room, Nancy couldn't help but ask Mond, "Mond, is it good for you to do this? After all, they are both your biological brothe


Even Mond and Nancy lowered their heads and didn't dare to speak.

Seeing that no one spoke, Noah asked Nancy, "Nancy, tell me the details. Why did Mond fall again?"

With a pitiful look on her face, Nancy didn't say anything, because Mond had just told her, "If Dad asks you again, you must keep silent. He will find out everything."

However, this was not what Noah thought. It seemed that they had been bullied by their family. Nancy, a smart and lovely child, didn't even dare to tell the truth.

This was what he knew...

After all, Nancy was his daughter-in-law. Since she didn't want to speak, he didn't want to force her. He turned to Hilton and asked, "Tell me the details."

She took a look at Sansa. She didn't have the nerve to tell on her just now, but now she finally got the chance. How could she let it go?

Moreover, in the eyes of Hilton, this opportunity was a chance to defeat them. At least, Elroy and Nathan were the same. In this way, both of them would be at the same start line.

Hilton had a wishful thinking in her mind. When she was about to speak, Sansa said first, "Don't ask her. Let me tell you."

It turned out that she was worried that Hilton would distort the truth. If that was the case, she might as well take the initiative to admit it.

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