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   Chapter 78 Discharging from Hospital

Love You Truly Wholly By Qing Huan Characters: 6782

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"It doesn't seem to be my illusion." Nancy didn't understand what Ivy meant.

"Mom, what do you mean? Why can't I understand?" With a look of curiosity on her face, she said.

But Ivy didn't want to tell her, lest she would be misled. "What's the meaning? Don't worry. I didn't mean anything."

Mond and Charlie came to Ron's ward. Ron was much better today. The doctor on duty was still in his ward, seeming to write down something.

Charlie asked, "doctor, how is Ron now? When can he leave the hospital?"

The doctor looked at him and said, "don't just think about leaving the hospital. It's already very lucky for him to survive this time. Moreover, his head was injured, so he must stay in the hospital for a long time."

Since it was inconvenient for Mond to speak, Charlie who also cared about him said, "then his brain is damaged. He is not likely to have any sequela, is he?" He was supposed to care about Ron.

But this sentence echoed in Ron's mind. He laughed and scolded, "you brat, don't you want to see me recover? How can I have any sequelae with my body?"

The doctor couldn't help laughing and said, "it depends on his current condition. There shouldn't be any sequela. But he can't leave the hospital too early, or no one can guarantee that he has no sequela."

"We see. Thank you, doctor." Charlie thanked the doctor, while Mond sat quietly aside.

Although the doctor was not Mond's attending doctor, he knew that Mond had just been injured. He said in a doctor's tone, "Why are you here? Why don't you have a good rest in your ward? "

"Doctor, Mond has been discharged from the hospital. We come here to see Ron." It seemed that the doctor didn't know the specific situation, so Charlie explained in a hurry.

"Well, you'd better not be stimulated in any way these days. To be honest, it is strange that everyone's head was injured by the same car." The doctor murmured to himself while recording Ron's condition.

No one else could understand or answer his question. Only Charli

after this." Worried that Mond and Charlie would be anxious, Nancy quickly said.

"Don't worry. Take your time." Mond felt that Nancy seemed to have lost some weight these days.

When the drip was finished, Charlie finished the discharge procedure for her. It was already noon.

They had lunch near the hospital before Ivy drove back.

"I really don't want to go back. You can discuss with father and let's live outside. The atmosphere in that family is suffocating." said Nancy to Mond.

"I've already told him that, but dad doesn't agree. Actually, you don't have to be careful. You can do whatever you want in this family. Just don't be too arrogant in front of dad."

Mond had made up his mind. After careful consideration, he felt that he had to live at home before he could take over the company.

"I know. But if I have made a mistake, don't blame me." Nancy declared her stand first.

"Don't worry. As my woman, you don't have to carefully observe other people's expressions." Mond became more domineering.

However, Nancy didn't believe it. She thought that Mond was a cripple and he should appreciate it if others didn't bully him.

Although Mond was a little scheming, Nancy believed that he couldn't defeat Nathan and Elroy. After all, both of them had their mothers backing them up, while he had to fight alone...

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