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   Chapter 75 I Can't Help You

Love You Truly Wholly By Qing Huan Characters: 6390

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"Well, there is no point of me believing you. The key is that you have to make your father believe you. Now that he doesn't believe you, what can I do? If I speak for you again, he will even teach me a lesson. You have seen what happened just now. If you don't restrain yourself, no one can help you. "

It was impossible for Hilton not to be angry. She often tried her best to persuade him, but he was so stubborn that even she was involved.

Seeing that his mother didn't believe him, Nathan went back to his room angrily and kept thinking about what happened just now.

Mond wasn't like this when he was messing up with Nathan before. Now it seemed that he had made up his mind to set him up since he wrote that piece of paper.

Why did Charlie come here not earlier and later? He came in just when Mond fell down.

Why didn't he help him up when he came in? Instead, he asked everyone to come over, so that he could not deny it in front of so many people.

Charlie and Mond were in collusion. Why did Mond and Ron die in the car accident? Thinking of this, Nathan gritted his teeth with hatred...

No matter what, he didn't dare to disobey Noah's order. He persuaded himself in his heart that he had to endure it in order to get the whole company...

In the hospital, Charlie asked Mond, "Mr. Mond, did you fall to the ground yourself?" His tone was not a question, but an affirmation.

Mond looked at him as if he was an idiot and said, "Why do you still ask when you know it?"

"Ha ha, what a coincidence! I entered the room as soon as you fell down. How do you think Mr. Noah will punish Nathan?" Charlie looked excited, as if he saw Nathan crying.

But Mond's expression was indifferent, "My father will only scold him for a few words at most, or let him reflect on himself. He won't do anything substantial."

"Then why did you do this? You just left the hospital. What if yo

h him. Anyway, he was alone. Now that he had Nancy, things were different. Although he couldn't walk, he had to give her a safe place...

It had been a long time and Nancy still didn't wake up. Charlie pushed Mond to Ron's ward.

Seeing Ron staring at the ceiling with his eyes wide open, they didn't know what he was thinking about.

Ron's father was sitting next to him. Seeing that it was Mond and Charlie, he greeted them in a hurry, "Mr. Mond, why are you here?"

For the sake of safety, Mond didn't say anything. Charlie continued, "Uncle, Mr. Mond is worried about Ron's injury, so he comes to see how he is."

"You guys talk. I'm going out." Ron's father felt it inconvenient to stay here, so he turned around and walked to the door of the ward to smoke.

When Ron saw Mond, he couldn't help crying. He held his hand tightly and said, "Mr. Mond, I'm sorry for you and Miss Nancy. Look at your serious injuries. I really deserve to die."

Mond patted his hand and said, "What are you talking about? You've been in danger and your injuries are more serious than ours. Don't say anything now. Have a good rest."

"Ron, when Mr. Mond just woke up, he asked about your condition. You are so lucky." Seeing Ron crying, Charlie couldn't help but feel sad...

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