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   Chapter 73 Go Home

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A few days later, after the examination in the hospital, doctors were sure that Mond could leave the hospital.

The doctor told Nancy to stay in the hospital for a few more days. After all, Ivy was relieved if Nancy stay in the hospital.

Mond didn't want to go home at first. He wanted to take care of Nancy in the hospital, but he thought that if he was in the hospital, Charlie must follow him, which would be very inconvenient.

Under the persuasion of Nancy and Ivy, Mond went back home alone, because Noah told him, "There are many people at home. They can take care of you and cook nutritious meals for you every day, so that you can recover faster."

In desperation, Mond had no choice but to obey his father's arrangement and return to his own home.

Just as Noah said, Sansa and Hilton cared about Mond every day and treated him as their son. No one knew exactly what they were thinking.

Charlie didn't go back until night. He was as busy as before.

The two men, Elroy and Nathan, seemed to have changed their tempers. During this period of time, they no longer sneered at Mond, just as if they hadn't seen him...

This morning, Noah went to work and Nathan left very late for some unknown reason.

Mond was in the living room with Nathan and no other servants.

Noticing that there was no one else, Nathan sneered at Mond and said, "My dear brother, you are so unfortunate. You had a car accident and your legs were disabled, but I didn't expect the same thing to happen this time. I thought you couldn't survive this time."

He bullied Mond, because Mond was a dumb and a cripple who couldn't walk. Now no one else was here, no matter how he bullied him, he could do nothing.

Hearing what he said, a fierce look flashed across Mond's eyes, but it was just a flash, so Nathan didn't notice it.

Mond bent down to take the pen and paper and wrote two lines on it, "Dad is not at home. Don't bully me."

Seeing this, Nathan laughed and said, "You are a cripple. It's useless to beg me. You are useless in the first place. It's unnecessary for you to stay in the world."

Mond calculated the time

and Charlie was standing beside him.

Seeing his father coming, Mond looked miserable. After taking a look at his son, Noah asked the doctor who was going to treat him, "How is Mond now?"

"What's wrong with you? He has just been discharged from the hospital and his head is injured. You let him fall to the ground. If anything happens to his head again, it's not our responsibility."

In fact, the doctor was a little worried when he saw the painful look on Mond's face. After all, Mond had just been discharged from the hospital, and he was very clear about it. So when he saw his parents today, his tone was inevitably a little serious.

"I just want to know if there is anything wrong with his head." Noah had run out of his patience. After all, he had never been easy to deal with.

"So far, I haven't figured it out. But if something like this happens again, I'm sure he'll be in trouble." The doctor told him.

"Thank you. I see." Then he came to Mond's ward and asked Charlie, "Do you know the details?"

"Mr. Noah, I don't know exactly what happened. But when I arrived at your house, there were only two people in the living room, Mr. Nathan and Mr. Mond. At that time, Mr. Mond was lying on the ground. These are two pieces of paper written by him, as if begging for something from Mr. Nathan."

After saying that, he handed the two pieces of paper to Noah, looking at himself in a daze and ignorance.

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