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   Chapter 72 No Conclusion

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It was not until the noon of the third day that Ron came to his senses. At that time, his mother and father cried crazily. It was said that men didn't shed tears easily, but they only cry to the point of sadness...

Hearing the news that Ron had woken up, Charlie couldn't help but shed tears. In contrast, Mond seemed to be much calmer, but he was also very happy. One of the three brothers who had been working together for a long time finally didn't leave first.

Since they heard that Mond was safe, Elroy and Nathan never came to the hospital again, as if he was not their family.

Mond didn't care about this. After all, he knew the temperament of the two of them very well. He knew clearly that they hated him to the core since he didn't die in the car accident.

So he didn't expect them to care about him hypocritically. When his head didn't hurt anymore, he asked Charlie to push him to the ward of Nancy.

At this time, Nancy's condition was much better. Only her mother was accompanying her. Her father, Nate, had his own company to take care of. Seeing that his daughter's injury had stabilized, he felt relieved and went to work. He would come to accompany his daughter for a while in the evening.

Seeing Mond come, Nancy was very happy. After all, it was better than anything for her to see him safe and sound.

"Nancy, how are you feeling now? Does your head still ache?" Mond held Nancy's hand and stared at her face, as if he hadn't seen her for a long time.

"I'm fine. I'll be discharged from the hospital in a few more days. Mom told me that you will recover soon." Nancy's face flushed.

"Yes, among the three of us, my injury is the lightest. You hugged me tightly that day, which made me less hurt." Now that both Charlie and Ivy were outside, Mond spoke boldly.

"I was scared at that time and didn't think of anything else." Her words seemed to have shattered his dream.

to persuade her.

"My daughter, I don't think Mond's two younger brothers are doing well. Anyway, they don't even want to go through motions when you are lying in the hospital. It seems that they don't care about Mond at all."

Speaking of this, Ivy was a little angry. Although she knew that their family background was very complicated, she didn't expect that their family was so complicated...

"Mom, let me tell you. Although they don't value Mond, he doesn't care about them either." Nancy told her mother what she had known.

But Ivy didn't think so. She said earnestly, "My daughter, even if the two of them are not good enough, after all, they have their own mother to help them. In this way, they have a much better chance of winning than Mond."

"Mom, you don't know that. Mond is not easy to deal with. In my opinion, if the three of them fight for the position of CEO, no one knows who will win."

Having known Mond's cunning and cleverness, Nancy was very interested in him and had great confidence in him.

"Anyway, I don't want you to get involved in their competition. After all, the competition is very fierce. For an insignificant person, you must ensure your safety first." As a mother, of course, the safety of her children was the most important.

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