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   Chapter 71 Very Happy

Love You Truly Wholly By Qing Huan Characters: 6437

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When Noah left, Charlie walked him out of the door. Noah asked, "Only Sansa has come? Has anyone else come?"

Charlie knew what he meant and answered honestly, "Yes, only Mrs. Sansa has been here." He didn't mean to drive a wedge between them.

"I know. If someone else comes to see Mond, you must take good care of him." Charlie didn't know what he meant, but he agreed respectfully.

Back in the room, Charlie couldn't figure it out. He was already very considerate. Why did Noah say that before he left?

He told his suspicion to Mond, but Mond didn't say anything.

When Noah arrived at the ward of Nancy, he found that there was only Nate accompanying her. However, Ivy went out to buy some necessities for her daughter.

The two men exchanged greetings for a while. Then, Noah asked, "Is Nancy out of the observation period?"

"Yesterday, when she entered the observation room, it was said that there were twenty-four hours, and there were still three to four hours left. But according to the current situation, the doctor said that she recovered very well." Nate replied.

At this moment, the policemen from the police station came. They came to investigate the reason why the car accident happened yesterday.

Charlie told them that Mond couldn't speak and the driver was still in a coma.

Helplessly, they came to the ward of Nancy and wanted to know the truth from her.

According to Nate, he didn't want to let his daughter cooperate with them. After all, his daughter was still in recovery, and he didn't want her to use too much brain.

However, he was worried that there was something hidden inside. It was impossible for someone to murder them. As the saying went, one should not have the heart to harm others, but one should guard against others.

Therefore, he asked Nancy to briefly tell the policemen what had happened that day.

Nancy told the police what she had seen an

ous. So don't worry."

When Nate visited Mond, he also told him the good news. He told him not to worry about the condition of Nancy anymore and that the most important thing for him was to have a good rest.

Mond was very excited. He told Nate, "Dad, I'm relieved to hear Nancy is fine. If she gets seriously injured, what should I do?"

Hearing Mond's words, Nate was a little surprised, because he knew the agreement between his daughter and his son-in-law. Although he liked him a little, he was unwilling to interfere with his daughter's freedom.

So hearing what Mond said, he was sure that he had fallen in love with his daughter.

He quickly calmed down and said, "You didn't do it on purpose. Anyway, Dad won't blame you. You can rest assured."

"Even if you and mom don't blame me, I can't overcome that barrier in my heart. Besides, since Nancy has suffered so much, it's hard for me to feel relieved." Mond's sincere expression deeply touched Nate.

"What a good child! Take good care of yourself. Nancy also cares about you. She will be relieved if you take good care of yourself." Hearing what Nate said, Mond was overjoyed.

It turned out that Nancy also cared about him, not as ruthless as she appeared to be. Mond was in a good mood, like a child...

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