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   Chapter 70 I Won't Bother You

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"We've already had breakfast. Don't worry about us, my child. As long as you're fine, dad and mom can rest assured." Said Nate.

"I'm fine. Don't worry about me. Dad, how is Mond? Is he okay?" Asked Nancy.

"He can't walk in the first place, but he is the least injured. He asked about your condition yesterday. Don't worry. He will recover faster than you." Said Ivy.

Nancy ate a little pork. The doctor didn't allow her to eat hard food, so she could only eat porridge simply and do everything according to the doctor's instructions.

The three of them talked a few words. Ivy and Nate were worried about Nancy. If they chatted with her for too long, she would have a headache.

"Stop talking. Close your eyes and have a good rest. It's good for your brain recovery." She was totally a kind mother now.

After all, there was no parent in the world who didn't want their children to be healthy. In their hearts, only their children were healthy, they were willing to exchange their own health.

Anyone who had been married and had children could understand this feeling, because this statement was not groundless.

Not long after the breakfast, the two ladies of the Lu Family came. They were ordered by Noah to do their best as elders.

But Ivy told them, "You can go back now. I'll take care of Nancy. Thank you."

Hilton pretended to be polite and said, "That's very kind of you. Nancy is now a member of our family. I'm so sorry to let you take care of her."

"I know she has married into the Lu Family, but anyway, she is still our daughter, which can't be changed at any time. So you don't have to be polite. Just let her mother take care of her." Said Nate.

In fact, Hilton didn't really want to come here to take care of them. Because she was suppressed by Noah and wanted to behave in front of him, so she came here today.

"Thank you. In fact, I can understand your feelings. After all, only by taking care of your daughter yourself can you

ants. Noah knew very well that no matter how careful the servants were, they could not replace parents' love.

Thinking of the woman he loved most and looking at his sleeping son in front of him, this strong man felt a little sad...

In fact, Mond had already woken up since his father entered the ward. Since his car accident, he became very sensitive, because he knew that there was no one in this family who really cared about him.

Although his father treated him very well, Mond knew that if his interests were really involved, his father would probably not choose him.

This was the sorrow of human nature. Mond felt helpless about his father's temper and personality.

Standing in front of Mond's bed, Noah looked at him silently for a while and asked, "Have Sansa and Hilton been here?"

"Mrs. Sansa has already been here. She wanted to take care of Mr. Mond. But I let her go back to have a rest. After all, Mr. Mond can't talk. She can't understand his temper and personality. It's better for me to take care of him." Charlie answered honestly.

Hearing his words, Noah knew that Hilton hadn't come. He kept this matter in his heart and didn't intend to go back and ask immediately.

"Then take good care of him. Don't forget to call me if anything happens." Noah ordered.

"Okay, Mr. Noah."

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