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   Chapter 60 Will You Be Afraid

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"Yes, I just feel that your family is really complicated now. It's not as united and friendly as the big families." She had thought that she would marry a united and harmonious family.

With an expression of looking at a fool, Mond said, "Little beauty, do you think that three sons who were given birth by three mothers will be united?"

It turned out that his wife was so simple, which made Mond feel that he had found a treasure.

"I don't want you to be much united and friendly, but you can't fight openly and secretly. Now your father is still alive. If he is not here, I don't know what the family will be like."

Although Nancy was young, she had a lot of things to consider. It seemed that it was also very difficult for her to survive in this family.

Sometimes, the tree wanted to be quiet, but the wind didn't stop. Even if you don't bully others, it doesn't mean that others can tolerate you. Nancy knew it clearly.

"Don't think too much. No matter what happens in the future, I will give you a comfortable life." It seemed that Mond was making a promise to Nancy, and he also set a goal for himself.

"What are you thinking about? I just feel sorry for you. We are not a real couple. I just feel that your legs are not convenient and you will be bullied by them in the future. I just feel a little sad for you. "

After all, in her heart, she thought that Mond was a good man.

But what Mond said next made her a little shocked, "Nancy, do you really want to escape from me? Maybe we can be a real couple. You will find my advantages over time, and maybe you will fall in love with me at that time. "

Nancy's face was a little sweaty. After all, after getting along with him for a period of time, her parents and she both liked Mond.

Therefore, Nancy didn't dare to refute Mond's words. No one could decide the end of the matter before it came to an end.

She deliberately changed the topic and said, "Mond, I think your two younger brothers are not simple. They don't take you seriously

were wearing pajamas, Nancy was shy. She turned around and faced the window outside, fearing that she would see something she shouldn't see...

Just now, Nancy had already had a sleep, so she couldn't fall asleep immediately. Moreover, the dream just now gave her unlimited daydreaming.

Not knowing how long had passed, just as Nancy was a little confused, Mond's low voice came over, "Nancy, do you feel scared when you marry into our family?"

Not knowing what he meant by his question, Nancy replied after a long while, "Aren't we pretending to get married? We'll cancel the engagement in a while. It doesn't matter if I am afraid or not."

"I mean, if we don't cancel the engagement in the future, the whole family will definitely be restless. I know you are the only daughter of your parents. You have grown up with their love. Will you be unaccustomed to the environment in our family?"

Hearing Mond's words, Nancy didn't know how to answer. Now that he had mentioned the possibility, she would think about it carefully in her heart. If she really didn't divorce him, would she get used to it in this family?

She hesitated for a while and said in an uncertain tone, "If two people really love each other and take care of each other, all the difficulties are not difficult. After all, just as the play said, love makes bitter sweet."

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