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   Chapter 59 So Scheming

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However, when Nathan took a look at the note, a scornful smile appeared on his face. "Brother, I respect you very much, but you always sit on the chair. How can I respect you? It's not wrong that Nancy is your wife, but she is only eighteen years old after all. I am unwilling to call her sister-in-law."

Nancy said in an aggrieved tone with tears rolling her eyes, "Honey, I'll go back to my parents' house tomorrow. Since we don't get the due respect in this house and even Nathan looks down on me, why should I stay here?"

Mond secretly gave a thumbs up to Nancy in his heart. It seemed that he had underestimated her before. The way she acted was hard to tell whether it was true or not.

Hearing her words, Hilton was a little flustered. She glared at her son, blaming him for making trouble.

If tomorrow Noah knew that his newly married daughter-in-law was bullied away by Nathan, they would have a hard time.

She knew better than anyone how selfish that man was. As long as his interests were at a loss, he wouldn't let anyone go.

She hurriedly apologized to her, "Nancy, I know you're wronged. Don't worry. I'll justify you soon. This child is always straightforward. Don't go home, and don't let your father-in-law know. I'll teach him a lesson."

At this moment, Sansa added, "Nancy is just a child, not to mention that she is the only daughter of the Nie Family. If they knew their own daughter is bullied here, I don't know if they will quarrel with our family."

Her intention was very obvious. If Nancy insisted and went back to her parents' home, even if Noah would forgive them, Nate would not let them go.

Although Hilton didn't like Sansa, she had to agree with her. "Yes, you're right. You've just gotten married. Don't go home or let your parents worry about you. In fact, Nathan didn't mean anything else. He just said it casually."

Tears streamed down Nancy's face. Mond wrote a line of words a

ound that her husband hadn't come back yet, she prayed in her heart that she wouldn't let him know about it. Otherwise, with his personality, he would definitely punish her.

Nancy and Mond returned to their bedroom on the third floor. When she saw Mond looking at her with a smile, she felt a little embarrassed.

"What are you laughing at? Is there anything on my face?" In fact, she didn't know how to ask, but just said casually.

But Mond lowered his voice and said, "you are indeed more beautiful than flowers. Nancy, I didn't expect you to be so good at acting that even Hilton was frightened by you."

Hearing this, Nancy blushed with shyness. She asked in surprise, "did you understand that I did it on purpose just now? I didn't expect that. How could you know that?"

Looking at the surprised expression on Nancy's face, Mond smiled conceitedly and said, "don't treat people as idiots. I can see through your acting at once."

"Then why did you cooperate with me just now? I thought you believed me." Nancy asked in disbelief.

"My wife, it was such a tiring performance. If I didn't cooperate, I would be a little dereliction of duty as a husband, and only in this way can you achieve the result you want."

Hearing what Mond said, Nancy found that he was so scheming

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