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   Chapter 58 Ironically And Sarcastically

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"Don't care about what others say. Maybe they envy us. One only know whether he lives well or not and whether the shoes fit or not." Mond comforted Nancy in a soft voice, hoping that she wouldn't have any negative emotions.

Seeing that Mond always thought for her, Nancy couldn't help saying, "I'm defending you. We don't spend a penny of others. Why could they judge us? It's really annoying."

Mond didn't dare to say anything in public, fearing that he would leak the secret, so he just looked at Nancy quietly, hoping to calm her down and not care about other people's words.

He had been pretending to be dumb for such a long time. If he cared about other people's nonsense and couldn't calm down, he would have already revealed the secret.

Nancy also felt that she had made a mountain out of a molehill. She said shyly, "don't worry. I don't care what others think of my marriage with you. I just feel a little angry."

Mond patted her slightly, indicating that he understood.

In the following days, no matter what other people said intentionally or unintentionally, they seemed not to hear it and kept calm.

Mond also felt that Nancy seemed to have matured a lot. He gave her a thumb up to express his praise.

They both spent the whole afternoon strolling. At last, Nancy told Mond, "ask Charlie and others to come over tomorrow and accompany us to the nearby scenic spots."

In her subconsciousness, there would be many people in the scenic spot and Mond couldn't walk. As a girl, she couldn't take care of him.

In fact, Mond wasn't interested in these scenic spots at all. Since Nancy proposed to go there, he guessed that she must feel bored at home. There was no unwillingness on his face. He nodded slightly to show that he knew her.

When they got home in the evening, the dinner was not ready yet, and they did not have dinner outside, because they were newly married. If they had dinner outside, it would definitely be judged by ot

same time.

Since it was inconvenient for Mond to talk in such a situation, it was up to her.

She deliberately made Nathan misunderstand her. As an actress, she said with an aggrieved look, "Mom, you see, Nathan nominally calls himself my brother, but in fact, he secretly laughs at me. Does he think that I don't deserve his brother?" She was about to cry.

"Nancy, what are you thinking about? Nathan is just naughty. Whatever he does is careless behavior. Don't mind." Hilton still couldn't figure out what was in Nancy's mind, so she valued peace at present.

If Sansa and her son succeeded in winning over Nancy's support, it would be difficult for Nathan to fight for the ownership of the family.

"You are exaggerating. When did I say that you don't deserve my brother? You two are a perfect match." Nathan said sarcastically.

On the surface, he didn't mean anything else by explaining to Nancy, but in fact, his words were full of provocation.

A gleam flashed in Mond's eyes. He restrained his temper, took the paper and the pen aside, and wrote on the paper, "Nathan, don't go too far. Anyway, I'm your brother. According to my seniority, you should regard her as your elder sister-in-law.".

Nancy took the note and put it in front of Nathan. She asked him to have a good look at it.

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