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   Chapter 56 The First Confrontation

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However, Elroy said, "Mond is so thoughtless. After all, Nancy is still young. Take it easy."

His words made Nancy's face turn red. Although she was young, she immediately understood what he meant.

But he shouldn't have said that. For a moment, Nancy didn't know how to answer. She looked at Mond for help.

However, he didn't seem to hear her. His eyes flashed with excitement. It suddenly occurred to her that Mond couldn't speak. He would only write with paper and pen unless he had to.

Nathan knew what Elroy meant. He looked at him and said, "Don't laugh at Mond, you were the same when you just got married. It's human nature. Don't make a fuss."

It seemed that he was speaking for Nancy. Elroy knew that he wouldn't be so kind, so he must have his own intention.

"Why did you say that? Now it's about Mond. Why do you mention me again? " Seeing the angry look on Elroy's face, Monica, who was sitting next to him, immediately persuaded him, "Well, don't be impulsive."

Glancing around, Noah said in a dignified voice, "How did I warn you not to speak during dinner? Can't you listen to me now?"

They stopped talking and continued to eat. It seemed that Noah was respected in this family.

Everyone kept silent. After dinner, Noah said, "You don't have to go to work these days. After all, you just got married. You can spend more time with Nancy. If you want to go anywhere, arrange a driver to send you."

Hearing his words, Mond understood what he meant. It seemed that his father didn't want him to go on a honeymoon.

Mond had already been used to his father's suspicion. He would never let Mond and his brothers get out of his sight. He was afraid that it would be difficult to control them.

Mond nodded slightly, indicating that he knew what he meant. During this period of time, he would stay at home wit

f everyone."

"Why should I wake you up? You slept so late at night, not to mention that we are newly married. It's normal for you to get up late." Mond's undeniable expression made Nancy speechless.

"Well, I don't want to talk about this with you anymore. How about I go back to my mother's house today?" Nancy suggested.

"We're newly married now. I'll listen to you whatever you say. Wherever you go, I'll be with you." Mond seemed to be obedient.

"Wait, do you mean you want to go back to my home with me? That's my home. Why do you go with me?" She didn't want him to go home with her.

She knew her parents must be worried about her, so she wanted to take this opportunity to report her situation to them alone.

What would she say if Mond went back with her?

However, Mond took it for granted and said in a strange way, "We are a newly married couple now. We just got married yesterday. Do you think it's appropriate to let you go back to your parents' home alone today?"

After thinking carefully, Nancy thought what Mond said was very reasonable, If the Lu Family knew about it, they might doubt it.

"Then you can go back with me." In the eyes of Mond, her unwilling look had a feeling of being hurt.

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