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   Chapter 54 Marry Into The Lu Family

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Mond only nodded his head in response to Noah's order. Now he was doing nothing in the Lu Family, so everyone was not on guard against him.

After all, in the heart of anyone, a cripple, and even a mute, could not do much.

Although his family's company was in crisis, after all, Nancy was his only daughter. Nate and her wife didn't want to sacrifice their only treasure and give her a lot of things.

Although it was not very valuable, and the Lu Family was not short of it, there were many things that a daughter should marry with, and they were also very exquisite.

The wedding was held in a low-key way. According to the rules of the Nie Family, the Lu Family did only invite their closest relatives to have dinner together. Mond and Nancy got married.

According to the usual rules, the marriage of the eldest master of the Lu Family would certainly cause a big sensation, and all kinds of media reporters would definitely swarm over.

But this time, the Lu Family blocked the news that they were going to get married and didn't let anyone know. It could be said that they were very trustworthy this time.

In the whole wedding, the expressions of the two people were indifferent, which was very consistent with the fact that the two of them were forced to get married.

Both Elroy and Nathan had a different feeling about this scene.

When Elroy saw the astonished look on Nancy's face, he immediately felt jealous of Mond. He had never thought that although he had heard that Nancy was very beautiful in the past, now seeing her really deserved the reputation.

What made him feel more aggrieved was that Mond was a cripple. How could he marry such a good wife? Was it reasonable?

In fact, he had completely forgotten that when he married Monica, she was also a great beauty. However, men had the bad quality of liking the new and tired of the old. Now he felt that Nancy was much more beautiful than his wife.

But in Nathan's heart, he thought his father was very unfair. Shou

e and don't show it, because I'm a dumb now."

"I know you're a dumb now. Although we're on the third floor, you can't live somewhere else blatantly. What should we do now? We can't sleep in the same bed, can we? "

"Don't worry. I'll sleep on the sofa." Mond looked around. When he was decorating the house, he specially asked someone to put a big sofa in the bedroom. When it was completely released it, it was a bed.

"Is that okay? What if the servant comes to clean and see it?" Nancy was a little worried.

But her worries seemed to be unnecessary. It seemed that Mond had already thought of it. He told her, "I've already thought about it, but I have to bother you. You have to carry the quilt to the bed or put it in the cabinet tomorrow morning, and you have to take it out at night."

"That's what I should do." Nancy was amazed at Mond's meticulousness. After all, his legs were inconvenient. It was normal for him to put a sofa in the bedroom.

But Mond continued to tell her, "If there is a special situation, I will sleep on the other side of the bed. Don't worry. I won't disturb you."

No matter how unwilling she was, since Mond had made up his mind, she didn't want to say anything more. After all, she couldn't just let herself do anything. Moreover, the Lu Family had paid a lot for her to marry into the family.

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