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   Chapter 52 Trust Me

Love You Truly Wholly By Qing Huan Characters: 6586

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In desperation, Nancy had no choice but to push Mond to the dining room. Tonight, Ivy specially ordered the kitchen to let them cook a few more dishes, in order to entertain the new son-in-law.

"My dear daughter, please take good care of Mond. Mond, we will be a family from now on. Make yourself like home." Ivy said gently and politely.

"Mom, don't worry. I won't stand on ceremony." Mond called her in a sweet voice. No matter whether this son-in-law was true or not, his voice made Ivy feel comfortable.

However, Nate raised his glass and said, "Mond, let's have some wine."

"Dad, let me get you a glass of wine." Mond tried his best to please his parents-in-law.

"Since we are family, help yourself." Now, Nate felt that his son-in-law was not something ordinary, and he had an inexplicable love for him.

Seeing the two of them greeting Mond enthusiastically, Nancy sat alone and sulked, as if they had forgotten that she was their daughter and that they had forgotten the agreements of her and Mond.

Although Nate and Ivy were very enthusiastic to Mond, he still didn't give a cold shoulder to Nancy.

During the dinner, it wasn't that Nancy took care of Mond, but he kept picking up food for her.

Seeing his action, Nancy's parents thought that if the two children in front of them could truly love each other, it should be a good thing.

However, there was always a strange feeling in Nancy's heart. She felt that the action of Mond seemed not to be a disabled person, because his whole physical movement was very agile, just like that of a normal person.

In front of her parents, she was too embarrassed to ask more. She planned to ask Mond again when there was no one else.

Therefore, during the dinner time, they had a good time.

In the evening, Mond sat in the living room of the Nie Family's house and had no intention of leaving.

However, Nate and Ivy knew very well what Mond meant.

"My dear daughter, yo

him. This man didn't look as worried as she thought he would be. Instead, he looked happy.

"I don't know if it fits you or not. It's beautiful and I bought it according to my guess. If it doesn't fit you, I can change it for you."

She was very patient and explained clearly.

But Mond said, "Of course I don't need to change. I like the color and the size I often wear. Nancy, thank you. Except for my mother, no woman has ever bought me clothes."

Mond's voice sounded a little sad, which made Nancy very sad. She said in a gentle voice, "As long as you don't mind, I will often buy clothes for you in the future."

It turned out that this man was not as strong as he looked. He looked calm, and his heart was soft...

This recognition made her heart ache. She had to be good to him as much as possible during her time with him.

However, she felt a little strange. His family was a big family. Wasn't there any warmth in his family? Anyway, he was the eldest master of the Lu Family, which could not be changed by anyone.

After all, the Lu Family was very rich, and ordinary people could not compare with it. In fact, this was just the innocence in Nancy's heart. It was just because the Lu Family was very rich that it caused a family fight, which made the entire Lu Family feel no warmth.

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