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   Chapter 50 Be Careful

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Sansa walked into the room and looked at the angry Elroy and Monica who was comforting him. She said helplessly, "Why are you so angry today? What are you fighting for with a servant?"

"Mom, you don't know how sharp Ron is. He doesn't take me seriously at all." Elroy got furious at the thought of this.

"Mom, anyway, Elroy is your son. You can't let anyone bully him, can you?" Although her husband was a dissolute man, Monica knew that no eggs could remain unbroken when the nest was upset.

If her husband could be bullied by anyone, she would definitely have a hard time.

Sansa said helplessly, "Can't you get along well with Mond? He won't pose any threat to you, so you don't have to leave a bad impression on your father because of him. Now you just need to think about how to fight with Nathan. "

Hearing his mother's words, Elroy suddenly realized that what she said was very reasonable.

"Mom, I know. I won't be against him anymore. I know Nathan well. Even if I want to let him go, he won't let me go."

In his heart, Mond wasn't a threat to Nathan, so he must be a thorn in Nathan's flesh. He would definitely pay attention to him.

"Well, I'm not asking you to be bad. I just want you to know that you can't do anything harmful to others, but you must guard against others' feelings.

As the saying goes, family education is very important. Sansa was from a noble family. Even if she was very angry, she could not do those dirty things.

However, if it was Hilton who was involved in this matter, she would definitely not let it go with Mond and Ron.

Sometimes power doesn't matter. The most important thing is that everyone can live a happy life," In fact, Sansa didn't want her son to compete for power with Nathan. She just hoped that her family could be safe and happy

iness." Bess's sincere expression made Nancy very moved.

The two of them chatted while eating. Bess asked, "Are you going to work again?"

After thinking for a while, Nancy said, "You don't know how important the marriage between me and Mond is to our family, so this time I listen to my parents' arrangement."

Having been friends for many years, Bess immediately understood what she meant. It seemed that she was determined to give up her own happiness for the family business.

Although Bess felt a little sad for her good friend and thought that she was used by her parents, she couldn't say it. After all, her parents loved her very much. She was willing to make some contributions to her family, and no one else could interfere...

"Nancy, listen to me. If Mond is really worth your trust for the rest of your life, you must cherish him. If he is unreasonable, you must keep your heart and body."

Although Bess's last sentence was a bit obscure, Nancy knew that she was thinking about her own happiness.

She stared at Bess's face and said affectionately, "Honey, don't worry. I'm a woman of the new generation. I won't be so stupid."

She teased Bess on purpose, making her feel relaxed

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