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   Chapter 49 Calm Down

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He looked like Mond, hoping to see a hint on his face.

A fierce look flashed across Mond's face. He didn't care what Elroy said about himself, but when it came to Nancy, he couldn't just let it go...

He gave Ron a look. After getting along with him for a long time, Ron knew what he meant.

With the support of Mond, Ron finally felt relieved and said, "Mr. Elroy, you're wrong. As the saying goes, when the road is not fair, others will step on it. Mr. Mond is your elder brother. When do you treat him as your own family?"

Elroy didn't expect that Ron dared to challenge him blatantly. In his heart, he was a dog fed by his own family.

Since he thought so, he didn't show mercy. "What right do you have to talk to me? You are just a dog of our Lu Family. Don't push yourself too hard here."

Ron had never been humiliated like this. He was with Mond, but although Mond was his boss, Mond had always been polite to him.

He simply opened his voice and said, "Even if I am a dog, I have to be with my master. Now you think you are a master, and even the dog is unwilling to follow you. It can be seen that your identity is not much higher."

Even Mond admired Ron's skill of swearing. What he meant was that Elroy was even worse than a dog.

They were quarreling when Monica and her mother-in-law came back. From afar, they could hear the quarrel in the living room, and their servants were lining up outside, not daring to enter the house.

They had thought that Elroy and Nathan were having a fight. When they entered the room, they found that Elroy and Ron were cursing each other.

After all, Sansa was a daughter from a well-known family. She scolded her son first, "Elroy, as a master of the Lu Family, you quarreled so fiercely with a servant. Don't you feel that you have a real face?"

"Mom, you don't know how arrogant this dog slave

re a couple now. How can we be separated?" Mond reminded her.

Hearing his words, Nancy curled her lips and didn't forget to give him a hard blow. "I didn't forget, but you don't forget that we are just nominal couple, so we don't need to be together every day."

Hearing what Nancy said, a trace of sadness flashed through Mond's eyes. It turned out that this girl didn't feel his heart.

He treated her so well and made so many surprises for her. But she still treated him as a contractual couple, which made Mond a little sad.

"I didn't forget, it doesn't matter whether you would like to come or not." After saying that, Mond hung up the phone directly, not in the good mood as he was when he just called.

Nancy looked at the phone in a daze. 'Why did this man hang up while talking? It seemed a little weird.

Was he hurt?' Thought Nancy.

Anyway, she would break up with him sooner or later. She didn't want to give him too much care, in case they would be sad.

Although Nancy persuaded herself in her heart, she couldn't help thinking about what was wrong with Mond. He hadn't lost his temper with her for a long time.

Therefore, although she stayed with her parents the whole night, she still couldn't help thinking.

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