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   Chapter 48 Provence

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Ron and Charlie were far away from them, as if they didn't want to be the third wheel. Seeing this, Nancy couldn't help but sigh that they had been well trained by Mond.

"Mond, I like lavender the most. This place is so beautiful. Let's stay here for a few more days." She couldn't help but beg.

"As long as you like, it's worthwhile for us to come here." Mond still couldn't figure out his feelings for Nancy.

Could this kind of commercial marriage really get true love? Mond couldn't make a conclusion.

Because no matter what thing, there was no absolute certainty...

Since Noah hadn't seen Mond for a few days, he thought he had gone on a trip with his parents in law too.

He didn't resist Hilton's coquetry and arranged time for the two of them to travel.

Nathan couldn't tell how he felt when he saw his parents go on a trip and that useless Mond wasn't at home.

In his heart, the Lu group would belong to him sooner or later, which was undoubted.

So during this period of time, he and Elroy were fearless.

Elroy couldn't make a great achievement, he was always impulsive, but Nathan was different.

Although he was a playboy who liked women, he had a strong desire for his career.

Therefore, in the eyes of all the directors, Nathan took over his father's position on his own initiative when he went travelling and made some big decisions. In his heart, he just experienced the feeling of being a CEO in advance.

In fact, they all seemed to have forgotten the most important thing that only their father could make the decision that who could be the CEO of the company.

Although Mond was outside, he knew clearly what happened in the company. He just smiled when he heard what Nathan had done in the company, and no one could see anything from his face.

Nancy had always thought that Mond's legs were disabled, so

known to him, so he didn't care about his ridicule.

Ron was indignant, but after all, it was their business and he couldn't interfere.

Anyway, Elroy was Mond's brother, so Ron stood aside and didn't say anything.

Looking at Mond's expressionless face, Elroy became bolder. Their father was not at home, so he believed that Mond, a dumb man, could say anything.

"Mond, don't be unconvinced. You are so lucky to find such a beautiful wife. It's a pity for me. If Nancy dislikes that you are disabled in the future, what should you do then?"

After saying that, he couldn't help but burst into laughter, as if he had hit Mond hard.

Mond looked at him coldly. He was dumb now and couldn't say anything, but Ron couldn't hold his breath and said calmly, "Mr. Elroy, after all, Mr. Mond is your brother. Don't you think you are ungrateful to say that?"

"Ouch, the Lu Family are talking. When is it your turn to interrupt?" Elroy acted as if Ron could do nothing to him.

Seeing his expression, Mond felt disgusted. How could such a simple minded person compete with Nathan for the position of CEO?

Ron's face turned red with anger. He wanted to fight back fiercely, but he knew that as Elroy said, he was an outsider after all.

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