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   Chapter 35 It's So Beautiful

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A pretty figure got into the car and saw a handsome but icy face. Feeling a little embarrassed, she immediately looked away and sat down calmly.

Just now, Mond couldn't help losing his mind. The girl seemed to be in a hurry, and her action was naturally a little rash. But she didn't put on any make-up, and her delicate and clean face was so close to him. How could he not be moved? Especially by her clean beautiful eyes, which seemed to be the purest in the world.

Seeing that Miss Nancy had got in the car safely, Ron started the car and wanted to arrive at the filming site as soon as possible. After all, it should a very busy day today.

It was quiet all the way.

Ron was in charge of driving attentively, so he couldn't be distracted by anything else. As for Mond, he was still busy with his work and kept typing on the keyboard.

Nancy looked very calm and peaceful on the surface. She had been enjoying the scenery outside the car and indulged herself in it. In fact, her heart was already in a mess, like there was a deer jumping inside. During this period, she secretly picked up a small mirror from time to time and carefully checked if she was inappropriate. She had left in a hurry this morning, so she had randomly tied up a bun. As for makeup, she didn't like it a lot, so she only put on a foundation and a lipstick. It couldn't be simpler.

When she got into the car just now, she didn't expect that Mond was sitting on the back seat and just got in casually. If she had known it earlier, she would have directly sat on the passenger seat. It wouldn't have been so troublesome. Now, how could she face Mond the whole day?

In a trance, the car stopped steadily.

Mond just glanced out of the window, but he had already known it. It seemed that Ron was a reliable man. This place was definitely the best choice to take wedding photos, and he looked at Ron with a meaningful look.

Ron quickly received the gaze from him. If he guessed right, Mond was very satisfied with the place he arranged. As for others, they couldn't see through Mond, but Ron was totally different. He knew what Mond was thinking.

Looking at the scenery along the way, Nancy felt very strange.

here, which made him a little flustered. He didn't know what the girl was doing, he could only hear a few whispers from the dresser.

Girls were usually slow in movement. It only took ten minutes more or less for Mond to be pushed out. As for the bride, she had been waited for half an hour before she came late.

In fact, Nancy didn't do anything tricky. She just bought herself some time to play, so she was very obedient and didn't make any requirements. However, putting on makeup and wedding dress took a very long time, which made her a little anxious. She directly took off her crystal high heels, walked barefoot on the soft grass and slowly came over.

The girl he loved so much wore delicate makeup, which made her pretty face more elegant and charming as a mature woman. The wedding dress was specially made by the famous French designer, and it was the only one in the world. Unexpectedly, It was particularly graceful to wear on her, all of which highlighted the unevenness of the girl's figure. Her slender waist made Mond's Adam's apple roll involuntarily.

She put on her high heels only when she arrived at the shooting site. If it weren't for the cooperation of the shooting, she wouldn't want to wear shoes, because she felt really comfortable on the grasses with bare feet just now. After the shooting was finished, she had to enjoy herself here. Anyway, this was a resort, and it would be good for her to stay here for a night when she was tired.

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