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   Chapter 28 The Bride Who Fled Away

Love You Truly Wholly By Qing Huan Characters: 7092

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Mond wrote something on a piece of white paper and gently looked at the woman lying on the sofa from time to time.

When Ron, who was standing beside, carefully handed the paper to the expectant Nate.

"That's how it should be. The plum juice is good." it read.

Nate was not a dull person. After all, he had been fighting in the business world for many years. He believed that Mond had already set his mind on Nancy.

In fact, every movement of Mond had shown his love, but his silly daughter hadn't known it yet, and perhaps she might stubbornly think that she liked Sam.

As the saying goes, who plays the game is the most confuced. Being liked by a man like Mond, she didn't know whether this was a fortune or disaster of Nancy?

Soon, the servant brought the plum juice to Mond.

The people around Mond all knew that he didn't like drinking drinks like sour plum juice and he usually drank much coffee. But because Nancy liked drinking plum juice, he had spent a lot of money buying that company of plum juice production and even forced himself to like this kind of drink. It could be seen that he made a lot of efforts.

He opened the bottle and took a big gulp. Although what he was doing was just a normal series of actions, it didn't show Mond's glamour. He was supposed to be regarded as enchanting.

The tired girl, Nancy, was instantly attracted. After being stunned for a while, she felt an abnormal temperature on her face, and then flushed. She spoke hastily, "Dad, Mom, I'm going to my bedroom to have a rest now. Well, Mond, sorry. " Then she hurried upstairs, running at a speed comparable to a 100 meter race. Just in several seconds, she disappeared.

Closing the door, Nancy exhaled a long breath and covered her thumping heart. Did she fled?

While Sam was observing in the corner all the time and dared not act rashly.

When he was about to pull Nancy over to settle her doubt, he was stopped by the manners in the military school. It would be ridiculous and embarrassing if he had acted rashly.

When he saw Nancy went upstairs, he was relieved. When she was better

en, she pretended to be a good wife and a kind mother, and cut in to say, "Hey, isn't that Mond? Why are you here so early in the morning? Is it time for breakfast? Why don't we have dinner together? Anything can be put behind the breakfast."

The voice made him feel disgusted, Mond of course ignored it and kept expressionless.

After hearing that, everyone's eyes were focused on one place all of a sudden. It was Mond, the disabled person in front of them. What did he come here for?

"Mind your own business. You even want to talk while eating." Putting down the newspaper in his hand, Noah walked towards Mond and said, "since you know my purpose, you'd better come with me to the study. It's not convenient for us to talk here."

In the study...

Sitting on his ground, Noah said, "Mond, let me get straight to you. You have met with the daughter of the Nie Family. It's time to decide on the wedding ceremony. Let's go to the residence of the Nie Family some time and make a date for your wedding. Although everyone knows the business deal in this marriage, we have to be polite. Don't you think that we shouldn't let the Nie Family laugh at us? Do you think it is okay to do so? "

Although Noah was a father, he couldn't decide for his son. So he was cautious and said these words in a tone of discussion.

In fact, Mond had also guessed that it was time to speed the wedding, so he nodded.

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