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   Chapter 27 A Crafty Man

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As time passed, Nancy hadn't heard Mond's reply for a long time. At this moment, she was extremely anxious as if she were an aunt in front of fire.

In this way, if Mond promised her three requirements just now, she would happily accept the marriage. Anyway, it was good for both sides. On the other hand, if Mond didn't care about the marriage and directly refused it, it didn't seem like she was abandoned.

Thinking and thinking, Nancy was still very anxious. Gradually, she couldn't sit still, so she mustered up her courage to look at the man next to her. His face was still cold and indifferent. Nobody could understand him, let alone guess his inner activity.

"Mond, you're a man, aren't you? Why don't you give me a reply? Which is your answer, yes or no? " Nancy said straightforwardly. She didn't have much patience to waste time with Mond.

The man smiled. His purpose was achieved. The girl's angry look was really cute. It was not in vain for him to design that.

"Miss Nancy, why are you so impatient? I'm just thinking about giving you an answer. Let's get down to business. The three reqiurements you proposed are for women's self-protection. I can understand it, so I agree. But can I make some requests to you? To be more exact, they should be good for both of us. "

Nancy couldn't help but shake her head and stand up slowly. It seemed that Mond was not as useless as the rumors said. Instead, he was extremely shrewd. "Mond, hurry up. I'll listen to your requests for both sides."

It suddenly occurred to Nancy that a man of twenty-six years old should never be provoked. How dare she do it?

"Then I'll make a long story short. Since we can only be a fake couple as you said, Miss Nancy, in the eyes of outsiders, you should act as my wife and cooperate with me. After marriage, you must not be too intimate with men, or you will be photographed by paparazzi. Otherwise, the first victim will be me, Mond, and the Lu Family. Since I know the intention of this marriage, I will not hesitate or even force you to do anything. I wonder if it was Miss Nancy who didn't want to leave me at that time. "

A sneer echoed throughout the hall.

After pondering over what Mond said, Nancy thought that he was really a tolerant man. He just asked her to act as a good wife. Suddenly, he felt that Mond was also a good man, except for his odd temper. However, it seemed that she thought him to be a bad person, and he was a crafty man.

"You are joking, Mond. To be honest, I agree with your order. Deal!"

Who would have thought that Nancy had already recorded everything with record pen.

The house of the Nie Family...

An anxious woman walked back and forth in the hall and kept staring at the entrance, which confused the man who was reading the newspaper.

Nate thought his wife would stop in a moment, but he didn't expect that she didn't have the slightest intention to stop. He put down the newspaper, walked to his wife, and tenderly patted her on the shoulder. "Listen, Ivy, let's sit down and take a good rest. Don't worry too much. Our daughter is smart and will protect herself well from any harm. Be relaxed, and if she don't have somethi

ng sure, she won't do it. "

Ivy nodded her head. She trusted her husband and she would listen to him. It seemed that she was not in a hurry as before. Besides, she looked much more relieved, as if she wasn't the one who walked here and there.

Sam was standing upstairs in front of the window like a sculpture, carefully observing every movement outside. He eagerly wanted to see Nnacy. His heart was filled with complex feelings.

The girl he loved left with a man for no reason and there was a high possibility that the man would marry the girl he loved. He confessed her love to Nancy last night, fortunately, Nancy also liked him, but no one had expected that she would be taken away. He was just hoping to get her back as soon as possible.

Dream was fantastic, but the reality was cruel.

Suddenly, a familiar figure came into view. That was Nancy. She came back and seemed to be in a good mood. Sam couldn't suppress his excitement and went downstairs quickly.

However, this scene gave a heavy slap to Sam.

With a warm smile on her face, Nancy pushed Mond in. They were talking and laughing like a perfect couple. What a wonderful match!

He really couldn't figure out what had happened. He suddenly realized that Nancy no longer needed him and he had become a fifth wheel?

With great confusion and fear in his heart, Sam walked towards them in firm steps.


After Nancy and Mond reached an agreement, she had only wanted Mond to send her home, but she had never thought that he would also come with her. After all, as a son-in-law, it was improper for him not to visit her family. Since she had agreed, the situation ended up like this.

"Father, mother, I'm back." Nancy greeted briefly, and then found a suitable place to push Mond over. She threw off her slippers and sat down on the sofa, without the slightest image of a lady.

Mond looked at Nancy, the lovely girl, and couldn't help snickering. But his voice was so low that only one with a good hearing could hear it.

Ivy favored Nancy very much. When she looked at her beloved daughter, her eyes were full of affection for her daughter.

But now the situation was different. Mond, who was going to be the son-in-law of the Nan Family, was sitting there. As a mother, it was not appropriate for her to reject her son-in-law. She said, "Nancy, if you are tired, go to take a rest, just go back to your room. This is the living room, a place to receive guests. How could you sit here without caring about your image?" Her tone was a little stiff.

"Okay, okay, I know. Treat your guest well. I'm going to my room. " After saying that, Nancy still lay on the sofa and didn't move, as if she didn't say anything at the beginning.

Since she was in the house of the Nie Family, she didn't have to care so much. She could do whatever she wanted. No one could stop her. Even her parents couldn't do that. Therefore, she just took a deaf ear to her mother's words.

"Mond, thank you for sending our daughter home safely. You must be thirsty." Nate coughed slightly and looked at his wife. "Ivy, pour a cup of good tea for Mond. I wonder what kind of tea do you want to drink now?"

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