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   Chapter 26 Unexpected deal

Love You Truly Wholly By Qing Huan Characters: 6962

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Melody felt that she had just had a dream. She seemed to have heard something but she wasn't sure about it.

The content seemed to be that Nancy said resolutely that she agreed to marry Mond and she also promised that she would not leave him.

"Miss Nancy, I... Did I get it wrong? Are you really not going to leave?"

At this moment, Melody was astonished and happy, but she was not sure about it.

Nancy only simply nodded and said, "yes, that's my answer, Melody. I won't leave. I'll marry him!"

Nancy had to admire the wisdom of herself. After making this decision, she was very happy. The tangles and unwillingness before seemed to have vanished.

"Melody, I'm so hungry. Well, I want to drink plum juice."

When she heard these words, Melody finally came to realize her decision and went downstairs with her arm in arm.

The atmosphere downstairs seemed a little depressed.

There was silence...

Mond had been sitting in his wheelchair, frowning, but his eyes were fixed on the cup on the tea table. His cup that had been used by Nancy aroused warmth in his eyes.

The mistress didn't say anything, so Charlie and Ron didn't say anything more. After all, they had been with him for so many years.

Without even guessing, they knew that the fourth young master was thinking of Nancy.

Charlie was actually quite confident in his wife's persuasion skill. Therefore, he was sure that Nancy would probably stay.

As the saying went, "one cannot afford a single mishap." As he knew that it was difficult to persuade a young girl to do so, he kept fixing his eyes on the stairway and dared not to slacken off.

After a while, they finally saw the figures of Nancy and Melody.

"Charlie, it's almost time for lunch. Why haven't you prepared? This time, it's time to show Miss Nancy your special chef's cooking skills. "

At the moment, everyone downstairs was not quiet anymore.

Looking at the bright smile on Melody's face, Charlie understood the result of her persuasion. Then he started to prepare the luncn. He was in an orderly way,

sed. As expected, Mond had a good eye on people, including women.

After calming down, Nancy said righteously, "my first requirement is that you can't force me to do anything. Although we are husband and wife in the future, we can only be named husband and wife? It's impossible. Second, after we get married, we will not interfere with each other, especially our private life. Third, it's also a very important point. Both of us know the meaning of the marriage. So when we reach the goal, it's time we get divorced and we have nothing to do with each other from then on. "

"Mr. Mond, I am wondering if you have any objection to these three conditions. If you do, there is no need for us to get married. Please put forward to break off the engagement, can you?"

Listening carefully to the wonderful speech of this little woman, Mond had a plan in his heart. In fact, he had already guessed these three requirements. Likewise, he could fully understand them. But he was a businessman and should not forget his identity.

The most important thing for a businessman was the huge benefits brought by this exchange, and his marriage with Nancy was actually a deal. If he couldn't get benefits from the exchange, how could he agree?

He wanted to make fun of the little woman, especially when she was angry. So he pretended to think about it for a long time without saying anything.

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