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   Chapter 25 I'll Marry Him! I Won't Leave.

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When Nancy inadvertently glanced at the closet, she couldn't help but cover her mouth with her eyes wide open, and her heart was filled with shock!

The wardrobe was full of all kinds of dresses, just like a blue color palette. The dress was in the same color, starting from left to right. The color of blue gradually ranged from deep to light. The first color was blackish blue, the second was jewelry blue, the third was dark blue, and then pinkish blue, followed by the white and light blue one.

There were at least hundreds of dresses in the closet. Even if she wore different dresses every day, it was enough for her to wear them for the whole summer!

It was no wonder that Mond never treated money seriously, as she had learned this from the first time when Nancy came to the ZW Palace.

Suddenly, Nancy vigilantly stared at Melody and asked, "what does Mond do?"

Nancy was really confused. Would an abandoned member of the Lu Family be so rich? This was so absurd! Nancy had never seen such a thing before.

With a faint smile on her face, Melody said, "if you are curious, why don't you ask them in person? I think Mr. Mond will be willing to answer your question. As for the secrets of the young master, you can naturally find them if you are lucky. "

Realizing that Melody was unwilling to tell her the truth, Nancy stopped asking and then opened the drawer below. The drawer was full of the same gradually varied blue shoes as the wardrobe on the top. The blue color was heading down gradually. There were all bags in the other wardrobe, and the bag was filled with the same effect.

Feeling that all this was unreal, Nancy couldn't help but fall onto the large bed behind her. What she could see including the carpet beneath her feet, and the bed beneath her was all different degrees of blue.

Did he change everything in blue just because he liked blue? It was so horrible! Nancy's head was aching!

Nancy's balance in her heart began to swing. Besides, she was more touched. This man tried so hard to keep her here!

Raising her eyes to look at Melody, Nancy stretched out her hand pitifully and asked, "can you lend me your phone?"

Melody took out her phone and gave it to Nancy, and said, "of course you can!" "But before you call your family and ask them to pick you up, can you listen to me? I'd like to talk about the young master."

"What?" It was obvious that Nancy didn't understand her meaning. She had to obediently obey it.

"The old master is a playboy. He has married several wives. And after he had sons, nearly all of them died. Their lives can't last long."

The light from Nancy's eyes darkened. "I've heard that your father might bring misfortune to his wives, but I didn't dare to say it in normal times."

Melody smiled and said, "there are many people in the family fighting openly and secretly. And Mond became the biggest sacrifice since he is older than any other boy. Whether it was because of accidentally falling into the water in her childhood, or because of the grown-up accident, her legs couldn't stand. These are all the works of her family fighting for power. "

"What? !" Nancy stood up in surprise. She had only heard that the fight among the rich was very fierce, but she didn't expect it to be so fierce. It was insane of someone to harm such a little child, especially if it's a member of his own family!

But in fact, Nancy felt more sorry for Mond. At this moment, she really felt that Mond was so pitiful and helpless.

"The young master's mother couldn't swim, but she jumped into the sea to save the young master. When she tried to push his little body to the shore, a raging wave came and bea

t her down!"

Feeling a little touched, Melody continued, "Miss Nancy, can you imagine that a child of a few years old can do nothing but call for Mommy when he falls into water. It's not easy to wait for for Mommy to come to save him, but he was pushed back to the beach. It's too late to be happy, because Mommy replaced him and got drowned in the sea."

Nancy felt her heart being seized by a pair of hands invisibly and it was so painful that she couldn't breathe. Nancy didn't even dare to think of Mond when he was just a kid. How scared he should be, and how helpless and panic he should be!

"For so many years, everyone thought Mr. Mond became dumb except us. His father has asked all the famous doctors to treat him but in vain. He hasn't said a word over the years, and no one has heard a word from Mond except us. Even during the voice transformation period his most precious voice hasn't appeared. "

Speaking these, she looked at Nancy and said, "the first time we heard Mond speak was in the middle of the night. When he was having a nightmare, he cried for help and shouted for mother. Charlie and Ron and I didn't know that he could talk until then. "

Nancy took a deep breath and sniffed. She wanted to cry! It turned out that Mond wasn't a wolf, but a pitiful rabbit!

Melody continued, "young master has grown up. He seldom had nightmares or talked in his dreams. It was not until one week ago when he met you on the expressway that he spoke again. And it was at that time that we heard a strange and precious voice that we hadn't heard for a long time. "

Frowning, Nancy felt uneasy. She gritted her teeth and said, "Melody, why... Why did you tell me that?"

Holding the little hand of Nancy, she continued, "at noon, for the first time, I had seen the young masters anxiously waiting at the table for someone to come down and have lunch with him. In the past, he finished the meal hastily either at his desk or in the wheelchair. Today, Mond is sitting at the table. He is very happy! "

"Melody, I..."

"Miss Nancy, I beg you to stay with Mond even as a trade. If you break off the engagement now, the luck that you brought to him, will disappear again!

When you talked about the marriage, no one forced you to marry. You agreed, but now you want to go back on your word. The young master is always a joke in everyone's eyes. If you insist on breaking off the engagement, how will others judge him in the future? "

"I..." Nancy stuttered

"Nancy, you reached an agreement with young master about the marriage, didn't you? If so, what are you afraid of? Don't worry. After you get married, young master will love you with all his heart and soul. He will treat you well and cherish you!


"Miss Nate, I believe that when Lord Nalan talked about the marriage between him and your father, your father must have gone home to ask you about it. But Lord Nalan informed young master at last!

Whether he would marry you or not, Master Mond had no choice. He was a living person who can be happy or disappointed! Don't you think it's unfair to Mond if you insist on calling off the engagement?


"Miss Nancy..."

"Okay! Stop! " With her eyes closed, Nancy shouted!

It was not until now that Nancy knew that not only Charlie but also Melody were aggressive in this house. They were really a couple!

"I'll marry him! I won't leave! " Nancy had no idea what happened to her. The thought of the wheelchair and the pair of unfathomable eyes made her at ease. She didn't resist nor struggle in her heart.

All she could do was to feel sorry for that man! She didn't want to hurt that pitiful man again. Well, just marry him!

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