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   Chapter 24 Mr. Mond Loves You Very Much

Love You Truly Wholly By Qing Huan Characters: 7229

Updated: 2020-04-20 00:26

Seeing the serious expression on Mond's face, Nancy was confused and wondered, ' What on earth did he want to do? What a headache!

He said that he had prepared clothes, bags and shoes for me. What was he going to do? Did he want me to live here? But why did he treat me like this? Did he do that just for keeping the cat?'

Mond stared into Nancy's eyes and continued, "Didn't you say that I was already twenty-six years old and that I hadn't had a relationship or gotten married and I was mentally abnormal?"

Hearing that, Nancy felt very nervous and involuntarily took a step backward. She said, "You! What do you want? "

Mond didn't move but slowly said, "Ron, take Miss Nancy upstairs to have a look!"

Ron walked up to Nancy and said with a flattering smile, "Miss Nancy, let me take you upstairs to have a look! You'll like it! "

'You said you didn't want to go up, didn't you? Well, I'll ask someone to invite you up!' Mond stared at Nancy with burning eyes, which made her get goose bumps!

The defiance deep in Nancy's heart was thoroughly provoked by Mond. She shouted, "No! I don't want to see it! I want to go home! You don't allow me to go home, nor do you want me to call home. What the hell do you want? "

"Miss Nancy, please don't make it hard on me! You can go upstairs and have a look. If you don't like it, we can remake it. And you can talk about these things after you have seen it, okay? "

"No way! I just don't want to! " She refused to go upstairs.

"Miss Nancy," Charlie said in a much more tough tone than Ron, with a very strong aura, "Girls have to have their own consciousness at any time to protect themselves. There are very few people who can challenge the bottom line of Mr. Mond and are still breathe fresh air.

Are you sure you want to continue to be disobedient and face unpredictable future? I have a suggestion. You'd better cultivate some strength than irritate and make Mr. Mond unhappy! "

Enraged by Charlie's threat, Nancy clenched her fists and shouted at the graceful figure in the kitchen, "Melody! Your husband is frightening me! He is just like Mond. He always bullies me! You won't be

edclothes, and even the bathroom, but the study room was the place where should be treated strictly. Because he didn't want the two styles to look too chic, so he also added dark blue. "

The anxiety on Nancy's face slowly subsided, and she was a little moved. 'This room was really beautiful!'

Nancy couldn't help but walk over to have a look. She touched it, and then sat and shook on the dark blue leather turns chair. Narrowing her eyes, she said, "It's very comfortable."

However, Nancy thought about Sam and suddenly stood up. Noticing the hidden resistance in her eyes, Melody was surprised and said, "Miss Nancy, Mr. Mond really loves you!"

"Well, the whole world knows he has a temperamental temper." Nancy said with disdain while she walked in, "Slap on your face, then give you a candy. He makes me shut up once he speaks, after a while, he will buy me good things.

He just feels that I was too comfortable every day, he has to make me feel like sitting on a roller coaster. He didn't stop until I was happy but gritted my teeth out of hatred."

"Haha." Melody opened the bedroom's door in royal blue, and led Nancy in. The closet was also divided into two parts. It was dark blue on one side, and light blue on the other side.

She pulled away the light blue side, and said to Nancy, "Miss Nancy, have you ever thought that if he is someone unimportant to you, what he says or does shouldn't affect your emotions?"

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