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   Chapter 10 Complete Brain Slaughter.

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"Miss Nancy, the temperature is high outside. Let's go in." With an umbrella in one hand, Charlie walked up to the side of Nancy and helped her block the hot sunlight. "This morning, a box of fresh sour date juice was delivered here by air. Would you like to have a try?" Ron also added, "It's said that they are made of New Zealand tame dates. Mr. Mond told me personally!"

When Nancy thought to herself, 'Although I like drinking sour date juice, it doesn't mean that everyone likes it! But this one was air freighted from thousands of miles away. This is too serious!'

However, she was very touched in her heart. She turned around and looked at the expressionless man on the wheelchair. "Is it specially prepared for me?"

Mond gave a glance at Nancy and gestured for Ron to push him into the house. Although Nancy didn't get responded, she was still very moved. Then she entered the house. Charlie put away the sunshade umbrella.

After entering the house, Nancy found that the big villa was empty, and except for the four of them, she didn't see anyone.

But soon, the interior decoration of the house with a thick Mediterranean style attracted the attention of Nancy. She liked this style of blue and white most.

Coincidentally, Nancy wore a pure white dress today. Standing in the house, she was like a flawless angel, which added some color to this house.

"Wow, the color of the wallpaper is fantastic!

"The mixed color of royal blue and pink blue obscures in the bathroom is so dazzling. It's so unique. It's my first time to see it!

What? This makeup mirror was actually a double-sided one! It seems that the mirror has magnifying function!

"Mond, Mond, you must have been to Japan, right? Because the wind bell is the same as what I saw in one of the hotels in J City!

Ah! You even planted sunflowers in the balcony! The sunflowers are so beautiful! Are they made of plastic?"

On the other hand, Nancy ran around the villa and marveled at the decoration of the villa while chattering!

The house, which had been depressed, had a trace of human dignity when it had become lively because of the noise of Nancy.

In the end, Nancy ran back to Mond while gasping for air. She half squatted and said to Mond: "Mond, you are too wasteful, too extravagant!

Why do you want to redecorate such a beautiful house? Oh, by the way, I have seen the chimney outside, I have searched everywhere but haven't seen a fireplace. Where have you hided it?"

Mond looked at Nancy with a heavy look in his eyes. He pursed his lips, without saying a word.

Ron smiled and said, "Miss Nancy, the fireplace is hidden in the living room on the second floor. But it's never used."

Boom! As soon as Ron stopped, Nancy rushed to the second floor like a rabbit.

"Ha-ha, Miss Nancy is really energetic!" Ron went to the shoe cabinet and took out a pair of slippers and put them in front of Mond. But Mond didn't move, his deep eyes always staring at the direction of the stairs. After a long time, he replied :"No!"

There was a deep surprise in Ron's eyes, but he didn't say anything.

To Ron, in Mond's mind, Nancy was not only his savior, but also his fiancee. Mond

must cherish this kind of fortune.

'Don't Mond like Nancy?'

"Don't guess my mind!" Mond gave a stern look at Ron and his eyes were sharp as if he knew everything.

"Yes, sir!" Ron took the slippers back and stood in place.

After a short while, the girl in white rushed downstairs. When it was done, Nancy crouched down again in front of Mond, took his hand and begged in a spoiled tone :"Mond, I like this house very much. Let's not redecorate it, okay? I think it is good enough!"

When Nancy saw that Mond didn't say a word, she took hold of Mond's hand and shook it. "Mond, is it okay? I like this kind of house. I like blue and white. I like sunflowers, royal blue mosaic, and white spiral staircase!"

"Okay!" Mond gazed at the hand that Nancy was holding and nodded to her in a low voice.

"You are the best!" Nancy laughed happily.

Feeling a little uncomfortable, Mond moved his eyes away from her.

"By the way, when I move in, can I choose my own room?" The pleasant atmosphere was destroyed in an instant.

Ron frowned in surprise. Looking at the smiling face of Nancy, he stifled his complaint.

'Nancy is only 18 years old, so perhaps she is too young to share the same room with Mond now.'

"Miss Nancy, I believe that your mother has taught you how to fulfill your responsibilities and obligation after marriage. You just went to the second floor, you must have seen that you are going to share your bedroom with Mr. Mond!" Charlie calmly said to Nancy.

Charlie was four years older than Ron, and had already got married and had a daughter. His wife was his childhood sweetheart, and she had been following Mond since childhood. And she conquered Mond by her superb cooking skill and became his exclusive chef.

Wearing a pale face, Nancy looked at Mond with confusion and anxiety in her eyes. She suddenly realized that Mond was staring at her with a sharp gaze.

Nancy felt it necessary to make it clear to Mond, "Let's talk alone, okay?"

"No need!" Mond bluntly refused to let Nancy know that there was no secret between the person who lived in the house.

Nancy already understood the meaning of Mond's words: If she moves in, she won't have any secrets between her and Mond! Nancy knew that Mond was giving her a chance to regret and choose.

Nancy clenched her small pink fists and took a deep breath. "Then sit down and tell me slowly!"

Mond raised his eyebrows and said to Nancy, "I've been sitting there!"

Charlie and Ron closed all the curtains, just when the room was about to be shrouded in darkness, Ron turned on all the lights. The Mediterranean style room swayed with luxurious light, like a crystal castle in a fairy tale.

Charlie put a cup of sour date juice in front of Nancy. In a somewhat uneasy manner, Nancy sat on the sofa, picked up a pillow and held it tightly in her arms. Lowering her head, she said: "I thought you would have some tacit understanding with me for this marriage, because you have agreed!"

Mond put his hands in front of his lower abdomen, with his thin lips tightly closed into a line, and listened very seriously to the words of Nancy. "What does the so-called tacit understanding mean?"

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