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   Chapter 373 Bursting Into Laughter

Drowning In Your Love By Zi Ya Characters: 5499

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Emma kept thinking about what Jack had said before. Jack said that she was dissolute.

"If you want to die, just find a place away from me." When Jack said this, Emma felt her heart was cold. She really didn't know what to say.

The next morning, Emma still didn't go out. Then Lynda went to find Shaw. This boy might be able to make her happy.

"Bang! Bang!" When Shaw was still sleeping, he heard a knock on the door. Shaw didn't know anyone here, and he didn't know who was at the front door at this time.

When Shaw opened the door, he saw a Chinese girl standing outside. The girl looked a little familiar. "Excuse me, who are you? What's the matter? "

"I'm a friend of Emma. She seems to be in a bad condition now. Do you want to see her?" When Lynda mentioned Emma, he felt a little flustered. What happened to Emma?

"I'll be right there. I'm going to wash my face and brush my teeth." Shaw just wanted to wash his face and brush his teeth as soon as possible, and then he could go to find Emma. He hoped that Emma was fine now.

Shaw solved the problem quickly and then went to Lynda's house to look for Emma. The one he cared about most now was Emma.

"Emma, open the door. I'm Shaw." Emma heard Shaw's voice inside. She was a little relieved to see the familiar person.

When Emma walked to open the door, Shaw saw Emma's red eyes, which were swollen into walnuts. He didn't know what was wrong with her.

"Let's go out for a walk! I'll take you out for fun! " Shaw's happy expression made Emma feel a little better.

Emma nodded slightly. She also wanted to go out to breathe some fresh air. She didn't want to stay

, the roller coaster started. Emma didn't feel it at all, but Shaw began to scream. Emma felt a little funny.

Moreover, when the roller coaster started, Shaw's previous words embarrassed him, because he had claimed that Emma could hold him if she was afraid, but in the end, it was him who held Emma.

After that, Shaw began to vomit as soon as he got off. When Emma looked at him, she really wanted to laugh, but in order not to embarrass Shaw, she had been holding back her laughter.

After vomiting, Shaw felt very embarrassed. At this time, Emma handed him a bottle of water. Shaw really wanted to find a hole in the ground to hide. It was too embarrassing.

"Well... I'm sorry! I said I would protect you! " Shaw felt very embarrassed. He was not as brave as a girl, so he was really embarrassed.

Emma finally couldn't help laughing. Looking at the smile on Emma's face, Shaw felt that it was worth it. Even if he threw up and felt ashamed, it didn't matter.

Shaw also felt happy when he saw the smile on Emma's face. When he saw Emma's smile, he would also be in a good mood.

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