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   Chapter 372 Humiliation

Drowning In Your Love By Zi Ya Characters: 4078

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After making love with Jack, Emma felt that she had no strength at all. Jack held Emma in her arms and gently kissed her face.

Jack thought for a long time. He had just been humiliated like that, and now he must humiliate herself back. Since Emma had always said that she went abroad because she liked someone else, Jack taught her a lesson.

When Emma felt that Jack suddenly loosened his grip, Emma had thought that she and Jack were still intimate like the time when they were still in love.

It took Emma a while to realize that the two of them were not in the same status as before. Emma felt ashamed of what she had done before.

"Emma, I didn't expect a woman like you to be so dissolute." Jack had really begun to humiliate Emma. When Emma heard this, she was a little stunned.

"Jack..." Emma was at a loss. What she had done before was indeed a little detestable, but she really couldn't control herself just now.

"Don't call me, disgusting woman." Jack was still humiliating Emma. She was really shameless and panting under his body just now.

"Do you know what you looked like just now?" Jack said in a sarcastic tone. Did she think he would feel heartbroken if she acted like this?

Looking a

ing bad had happened to Emma.

Emma shook her head, like a soulless puppet. She felt that she must be very dispirited now, and she looked listless.

Lynda gently held Emma, and then helped get in the room. Lynda didn't know what to do, because she didn't know anything about it.

After sitting down, Emma was totally under the control of Lynda. Emma's mind was full of what Jack had said. Emma felt very sad and heartbroken.

Looking at Emma, Lynda felt that she had no choice but to wait outside for a while. Maybe Emma would be fine tomorrow.

When Lynda went out, Emma directly locked the door. After that, she didn't have to bear to cry now.

After Jack left, he actually felt a little regretful. Why did he treat Emma like this? In fact, Jack was also very sad, but Emma had also humiliated him.

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