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   Chapter 371 I Don't Believe It!

Drowning In Your Love By Zi Ya Characters: 5045

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It was getting dark outside the window. Emma didn't have any appetite these days. She didn't feel hungry after eating something, so she didn't eat much and went to her room.

Emma looked at the sky outside through the window of her room and thought it was really beautiful. There were stars and moon. It would be better for her to go out for a walk at this time.

But when Emma was about to ask Lynda to go out for a walk, she was frightened by the sound of knocking at the window. Why did someone knock at the window at night?

Emma walked closer and saw that the person outside was Jack. Why did Jack climb up the window and knock here? If someone found it, they would think he was a thief.

Emma thought it was too dangerous. Without thinking, she opened the window and let Jack in. As soon as Jack came in, they heard a knock on the door.

"Emma, would you like to go to the supermarket with us?" Lynda's voice came from outside. It seemed that the three of them were going to go shopping. In this situation, Emma couldn't go.

"I'm not going. You can go now! Have a good time. " Hearing what Emma said, Lynda didn't ask any more. After all, their family went there together, and Emma would certainly feel embarrassed to go with them.

Hearing the sound of the door closing, Emma immediately locked the door. After all, there was another person in the room, so she locked the door for safety.

"Emma, tell me, are you lying to me? I don't believe that you will be like this. " Jack hugged Emma

y Jack.

"Let go of me, Jack." While struggling, Emma asked Jack to let go of her. But how could Jack let her go so easily?

Besides, Jack knew all the sensitive points on Emma's body. As long as he touched Emma, she would feel limp, so Emma was controlled by Jack immediately.

"Emma, stop struggling." When Jack said this, Emma kept beating Jack. But because Emma's body was soft, this kind of beating was useless.

In the end, Emma had no strength at all. She was at the mercy of Jack. When Jack held Emma, he felt everything was so wonderful.

"Your body is still so honest." Jack whispered in Emma's ear and blew on it. Emma felt so shy that her face turned red. Why was she so spineless?

When Emma wanted to break free, she had no strength at all. Now Emma was like a pile of soft mud, being at the mercy of Jack.

"Emma, don't you tell me why?" Jack let go of Emma quietly, waiting for Emma's answer, but Emma didn't respond. But she was murmuring because she had just lost her mind.

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