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   Chapter 370 Disillusioned

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"What did you say?" Jack clenched her fists. How could this woman do such a thing? Jack couldn't believe it.

Emma sneered. She had no choice now. She would rather let Jack think that she was an ungrateful woman than let him have any feelings for her.

"Shaw, don't be angry. I don't know why this man would come to me." Emma approached Shaw on purpose and said this to Shaw in a flattering tone.

Shaw nodded and was about to kiss Emma, but was pulled over by Jack. Was this man going to push his luck?

Lynda looked at the three people, as if watching a play. She didn't know what had happened between them and always felt that the atmosphere was very bad.

"Did you hear what Candy said? Why are you still so shameless?" What Shaw said and what Emma did made Jack feel uncomfortable.

"Nominally, Emma is still my wife. Isn't it appropriate for you two to act like this?" Jack pulled Emma away from Shaw and hugged her.

Emma was at a loss for this sudden change. What should she do now? Should she get rid of him now? "Let go of me. We are not divorced. So what? I don't love you. "

Emma tried to break away, but Jack was getting more and more powerful, and Shaw was agitated. "Let go of me, or I'll teach you a lesson."

Hearing this, Jack only thought it was a joke. What could he do? And how? "I'd like to see what you are going to do."

Shaw went up and gave a punch to Jack. In order not to hurt Emma, he hit in a wrong position. Jack let go of Emma gently.

"Wait for me there." Jack said in a calm tone. Looking at the wound on Jack's face, Emma felt heartbroken, but she couldn't change anything now.

Seeing the two peo

, she locked herself in her room and didn't come out. She didn't go out either during the meal, leaving herself alone in the room.

"Knock! Let's go out for a walk, Emma!" The sound of Lynda knocking at the door brought Emma back to reality from her memory. What happened a few days ago made Emma feel strange.

"So many days have passed. Can you tell me about your relationship with those two handsome men?" Lynda's curiosity didn't fade away in the past few days.

"Why are you so gossipy?" Emma and Lynda began to quarrel. Lynda was still obsessed with Emma's story with those two men.

"I just want to gossip. Tell me!" Lynda acted shamelessly. Emma really could do nothing to her.

"Are you interested in those two men?" After hearing what Emma said, Lynda's face turned red, but she didn't continue to make trouble for Emma.

Emma felt like her heart was pressed by a heavy stone. She didn't know what to do or how to do.

It was impossible for Jack and her to be together now. As for Shaw, Emma also did not want to waste his time, either. After all, she had only six months left.

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