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   Chapter 368 You Liar!

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Emma was surprised at Shaw's sudden appearance. Should she believe him? And why did he suddenly come to her?

Emma felt that she didn't need anyone to accompany her. After all, she had only been alone for such a long time. She felt that it was good for her to live alone.

Shaw didn't mean anything else. He just wanted to accompany Emma well in the last few days, so that he wouldn't have any regret in his heart.

Jack still couldn't believe it that Emma really only had only a few months left, and he even thought that this was the conspiracy of Leila to deceive him. Jack felt that all this was fake.

"Jack, are you at home?" Leila had thought a lot at home these days. She thought she should take the initiative. Only in this way could she be with Jack.

At first, Jack didn't want to open the door, but when he thought of Emma, he wanted to ask what happened to Emma. Although it was true, he still didn't want to believe it.

"Tell me, where is Emma?" As soon as Jack opened the door, Leila saw his bloodshot eyes and fierce look, which made her a little scared.

"Let go of me first." Leila was hurt by Jack's grip. This man didn't know how to control his strength.

Hearing this, Jack let go of her hand. This woman always had so many tricks. She didn't know what this woman was thinking about.

After Jack let go of her, Leila went into the room. She wanted to go in and see what Jack could do to her?

"Tell me! Are you lying to me about the matter of Candy? " Jack said in a hoarse voice. He must haven't had a good rest at home.

It was true that Leila had lied to him, but how could she tell him the tr

the past, which would remind her of Jack.

But Shaw didn't seem to give up. He still went to Emma every day. Shaw rented an apartment nearby, and it was very close, so he kept an eye on Emma.

Emma's landlord wondered where this man came from and his relationship with Emma. They didn't know much about Emma's identity and didn't know where this girl came from and why she came here.

She just felt that this girl must be a girl with stories, because there were many things in her eyes that they could not be understood, like a person who had experienced a lot of things.

"Emma, call me when you have nothing else to do. I'll go out with you." Shaw's messages were always sent when Emma was in a daze. Shaw knew that Emma wouldn't reply, but he just sent a message to her.

Sitting on the Beanbag, Emma was in a daze with a cup of tea in her hand. She took a sip and felt a little bitter on the tip of her tongue. Her mind was empty, but it seemed to be stuffed with something. Her thoughts sometimes drifted away, and sometimes she thought of what had happened a few days ago.

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