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   Chapter 367 Following Behind

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After Emma went abroad, Shaw was also about to go out. He wanted to be with Emma for the next few months, which was enough for him. If only he could be with her.

Shaw knew where Emma was in that small town. Because of Richard's great power, he had known everything clearly, so he just needed to go there directly.

Shaw was very nervous when he went there, because Shaw didn't know if he could keep it a secret from Emma, because he hadn't been well prepared. He was a little afraid that Emma would know he was here.

Emma stayed in her stuffy room every day. But sometimes the daughter of the landlord also had something to do, so Emma could only go out for a walk alone.

Emma didn't miss Jack so much now. She didn't know what was going on with Jack. She didn't know that Jack only just wanted to find her.

"Jack, Emma..." After hearing what Leila said, Sam wanted to comfort Jack. After all, he knew how much Jack liked Emma.

"Grandpa, you know everything!" Jack didn't tell Grandpa, because he was afraid that Grandpa couldn't accept it now. Jack knew it must be because of Leila.

"Jack, Emma is a good girl. Don't be too sad." Sam was still reasonable. He didn't try to persuade Jack just because Leila wanted to marry Jack.

Hearing what grandfather said, Jack's heart ached again. Emma was not a good girl at all. If she was really a good person, how could she leave him like this?

"She is not a good girl..." Jack choked with sobs. Sam didn't know how to comfort Jack.

Sam recalled what he looked like before. When his wi

ing to do with him coming here. She really didn't know why he came here.

"I just..." Shaw paused, "I want to be with you." Shaw's words shocked Emma. They didn't know each other for long.

"Shaw, we haven't known each other for a long time. Don't say these words all the time." Emma thought that Shaw might just be enthusiastic for a while, and he wouldn't be so enthusiastic for a long time.

But what Emma didn't know was that the man in front of her had loved her for a long time, so he came to accompany Emma without hesitation.

"I just want to be with you. You don't have to accept me. I'm happy that I can be with you." It could be said that Shaw had no other requests. Anyway, he was here with Emma.

After hearing this, Emma didn't know what to say to refute. But it seemed that Emma was still unwilling to do so.

"Emma, I hope you don't have to refuse me. I won't force you to do anything with me." Shaw never thought Emma would be happy if he was here, nor did he think that Emma would definitely accept him.

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