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   Chapter 366 I Want To Marry Jack

Drowning In Your Love By Zi Ya Characters: 4976

Updated: 2020-09-22 00:03

After being frustrated by Jack, Leila still wanted to marry Jack, but she knew that it was useless to communicate with Jack now, so she could only start from Sam.

"Bang, bang, bang, open the door." Leila came to his grandfather's house.

"Who is it? Oh, it's Leila. Why are you here? Come in. The dress is so beautiful, but why are your eyes red?" The housekeeper opened the door and greeted her warmly.

"I cried because my pet died today. Aunt, is Grandpa at home? I'm looking for him." Leila explained to her casually and asked to see Sam. But this reason made that woman start to admire Leila's kindness.

"Yes. He is practicing Chinese calligraphy. How about you wait for a while? After all, he hates others to bother him when he is practicing." She chattered.

Leila quickly interrupted her words. "It's okay, aunt. I'll go to the study to find Grandpa. You go ahead with your work." Then she went to the study room on the two floor.

Seeing that Leila was so determined, she shook her head and said nothing. Then she went to the kitchen to continue her work.

Leila knocked on the door and pushed it open.

"Who is it! …… Oh, it's Leila. What's wrong? "Sam, in a white Chinese tunic suit, was writing there with a brush. He was angry when he saw someone push the door open, but when he saw it was Leila, his anger immediately turned into a smile. He stopped writing and looked at her.

But what Leila did next made Leila stunned. Leila walked to the table with her he

hat Emma meant a lot to Jack, so he wouldn't let Leila do such a silly thing.

When Leila heard what Jack said, she felt a little sad. When did grandpa begin to be so partial?

"Grandpa, but Emma is not here now. Jack needs someone to take care of him." Leila was still trying to persuade Sam, hoping that Sam could help her.

"Leila. I can only say so much to you. I think you know clearly who is in Jack's heart, so I don't want you to do such a thing. " Sam loved Leila very much, but he could only maintain this situation.

"Grandpa, I really want to be with Jack." Still, Leila didn't give up. She was persistent in loving Jack.

"Leila, listen to me. There are so many good men. You can find a better one." Sam tried to persuade her. He had watched her grow up.

But Leila didn't want others at all. She didn't want much. She just wanted Jack. It was enough as long as she had Jack. But why didn't Grandpa take her side?

She felt so frustrated that she could do nothing.

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