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   Chapter 336 Leaving Angrily

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"How could you say such annoying words?'' Leila thought that Shaw was just a wolf in sheep's clothing. He didn't care about girls' feelings when he spoke.

"What's the problem again?'' Shaw didn't want to have a good attitude towards this woman. He didn't need her anyway.

"Watch out, Emma!'' Jack deliberately pulled Emma over, pretending that someone might have bumped into her. In fact, he just wanted to have skin touch with Emma. When Shaw saw this scene, his mood became even worse.

Emma thought that Jack was really naughty. How could he behave like this at his age?

Noticing the subtle change in Shaw's expression, Leila still wanted to propose it again to deal with Emma.

"I'm telling you again.'' There's still impatience in her tone. After all, she was already very angry before.

"Tell me.'' Shaw's tone was even worse. His heart is full of the scene just now.

"Why don't you cooperate with me? You look so unhappy now.'' Leila really thought that Shaw should cooperate with her. After all, he looked unhappy now.

"I'm indeed not happy. But why should I cooperate with you?'' Shaw thought Leila's idea was a little funny. Why should he cooperate with her?

"Don't you want to get Emma?'' After Leila finished her words, Shaw was lost in thought. He not only wanted to get Emma, but also wanted to defeat Jack.

Looking at the expression on Shaw's face, Leila thought she should have a chance to let Shaw work together to deal with Emma.

"If I show too much anger now, it will easily expose myself.'' Shawn thought to himself. After all, Richard didn't know that he was so close to Jack now.

Looking at Shaw, who kept silent all the time, Leila thought that Shaw might be thinking about th

gry, but when she heard Angenlia's voice, she became more furious.

"You bumped into me. Shouldn't you make an apology?'' Although Emma didn't have any reaction, she just felt a little dirty and it's uncomfortable, she didn't feel anything else, but Angenlia is very angry.

"What's wrong with me? Did I hit you?'' Leila thought Angenlia was trying to meddle in. She didn't bump into Angenlia. Why did Angenlia make a scene here?

"You bumped into her. Shouldn't you say sorry?'' Angenlia could not believe that this woman could be impolite. It's the first time that she has seen such a person, but Emma had a good temper and didn't say a word.

"She didn't say anything. What are you making a scene?'' Although she knew this woman was Angenlia, she still did not want to give in.

"What's the problem? I'm just helping her. Why are you so bold?'' Angenlia really thought there was something wrong with this woman. It was her own problem, but she still blamed others.

"There are always people who like to meddle in other people's business.'' "There is a hint of irony in Leila's tone. Angenlia thought that Leila was really undisciplined.

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