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   Chapter 244 Talk Back

Drowning In Your Love By Zi Ya Characters: 4570

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Jack took Emma to a presidential suite in a five star hotel. He must give the best life to Emma. No matter what, he must give the best life and the best things to Emma.

Jack had made up his mind to take Emma to Notre Dame de Paris tomorrow. He had a little surprise for her. It was really a big surprise this time. He was sure that Emma would be very moved.

"Candy, go to bed early tonight! I'll take you to another place tomorrow. " Said Jack to Emma.

"But I don't want to sleep yet!" Emma had slept a lot in the car all day long. She really didn't want to sleep so early.

"You don't want to sleep? What do you want to do with me? " With a snicker on his face, Jack approached Emma step by step. He liked to see Emma at a loss.

"I don't want to do anything with you!" Disdainfully, Emma turned around and was about to leave.

Jack pulled Emma back and pressed her against the wall. Emma was getting more and more rebellious. He might have to teach her a lesson.

"You What are you doing? " Emma didn't know why Jack suddenly approached her like this. She was a little scared.

"What am I going to do? What do you think? " Jack said affectionately, which made Emma blush.

"You..." Before Emma could say anything, her mouth was blocked by Jack. Seeing Emma's talking mouth, Jack couldn't help but kiss her.

Emma was resisting. She didn't want to


Seeing the panic on Emma's face, Jack couldn't help laughing. Wasn't this woman very arrogant just now? Why did she look like this now?

"Jack~ I'm sleepy." Emma immediately turned into a docile kitten and said this softly. To her surprise, Jack's throat tightened when he heard this.

"Now you know you are sleepy? It was useless to be sleepy! It's too late! "

"I'm really sorry, Jack!" Emma was really frightened by the look of Jack. Jack's eyes turned red.

"I'm telling you, it's too late to say anything now." Jack gently bit Emma's neck, making Emma feel an electric current coursing through her body.

All of a sudden, Emma's legs went limp. Jack put his arms around her waist, and he could hold her slender waist with one hand!

Emma felt like she was going to suffocate, but Jack didn't intend to let her go.

This feeling was really strange. He obviously felt that Emma trembled.

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