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   Chapter 237 Go Abroad

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"But all my evidences are in the previous phone. It can't be restored now." Emma felt a little guilty. She had worked so hard, but she still couldn't bring anything to Jack.

"Emma, it doesn't matter!" Jack pinched Emma's hand and told her it didn't matter.

"Although I have tried so hard for you, I have done nothing for you. Am I useless?" In Emma's heart, she felt that she was a loser. Otherwise, why could she get nothing after working hard for so long.

"Candy, you are my woman. You just need to be protected by me, not I am protected by you." Hearing what Emma said, Jack was a little angry. How could his woman say that to him.

"Jack..." Emma still wanted to say something, but Jack didn't let her go on. If she continued, it would be more and more ridiculous.

"Candy, grandpa misses you too. Since you're awake, I'll call him." Jack tried to change the topic. He knew that as long as he mentioned Grandpa, Emma would change the subject.

"Yes, grandpa has been worried about me for so long." Emma also thought that she should call Sam. After all, Sam was really good to her, as if she was his real granddaughter.

"Grandpa, this is Emma." That was the first sentence Emma said on the phone, but she knew that her grandfather could feel her heart now.

"Candy! You are still... " Sam was so old that he didn't know what to say when he heard Emma's voice and knew that she was still in the world.

"Yes, Grandpa. I'm fine." Emma's voice was a little choked with sobs. The two of them were like grandpa and grandson who hadn't seen each other for many years, and even Jack was moved to see them.

"Grandpa, I'm going to take Emma abroad for a period of time and take her out for relaxation." Jack took the phone. If he didn't speak, the two might cry!

"Well, it's good for you to take Candy out for relaxation. She has been too hard these days." Sam agre

nny cooked a lot of Emma's favorite dishes at home. That night, Emma ate a lot, and she felt the warmth of home here.

"Jack, only when I'm with you can I feel at home." After dinner, Emma sat on the sofa and said to Jack.

"I also think that only when you are at home can we have a family atmosphere." Jack also thought so. When Emma was not at home, Jack thought this house was just a place to sleep.

"Jack, I'm so lucky. I can have you. I love you. " Emma seldom said such sweet words. Hearing that, Jack was a little stunned.

"Let's go upstairs and pack up. We'll fly to France the day after tomorrow." Jack was going to France with Emma. While repairing her cell phone, he took her there to relax after so many days.

After going upstairs, Emma began to act shamelessly. She didn't want to pack up. There was nothing Jack could do with her. He had to do it alone. Besides, he didn't want Emma to pack up. He just wanted to dote on her.

Lying on the bed and looking at Jack who was busy packing up, Emma felt very warm. She couldn't help walking behind him and hugged him. As soon as she hugged him, she was pressed over by Jack.

But Jack just wanted to frighten Emma. After all, she had just recovered, and he could do nothing now.

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