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   Chapter 234 Observation

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"Jack came at ten o'clock yesterday and left at eleven o'clock. He only stayed here for an hour." William's confidant began to report his day and night records to William.

"Well, you can keep an eye on her tonight. If it's still the same as last night, you can get ready to do it at twelve o'clock the day after tomorrow!" Said William.

"Okay, general manager."

After saying that, William began to imagine that after Emma died, all the evidence of her mobile phone would be lost. Then who else knew that he had cooperated with Azure? Could Jack win him?

William always thought that the success of Jack was just because of Sam's favor. He had never thought that all these were his own reasons. He was not as outstanding as Jack, and Sam did not deliberately favor Jack.

Jack felt someone was cursing him. He yawned. Maybe Emma was thinking about him! Compared with others cursing him and Emma missing him, he was willing to think that it was Emma missing him.

When Jack was working, he always felt that there was something wrong with his emotions. He was absent-minded for many times in the day and always lost in thought for no reason. He always did something wrong for no reason.

Jack also felt that he was in a bad state all day long. He didn't know why, but he always felt that something was going to happen.

But Jack just thought he didn't have a good rest these days, so he was in such a situation. He didn't expect that something big would happen.

Soon it was ten o'clock in the evening. Jack still arrived at Emma's ward on time. He quietly walked into the ward and began to tell Emma what happened today.

"I don't know why I'm not in a good state today. I've made a lot of mistakes."

"Do you think I miss you too much?"

"Candy, I want to take you to travel around. I tell you every day that I love you."


ack's men agreed immediately. He was going to investigate after hanging up the phone.

Jack didn't go on, so he hung up the phone. The earlier they found out, the better. If it was too late, what happened would really be too late.

William's man didn't know that Jack's men had begun to suspect him. He didn't even know that there was such a person protecting Emma here. He had thought that the plan was flawless, but now it seemed that it was just so.

Emma didn't know that someone was trying to kill her while someone protected her. If she knew it, she would be shocked! She lived in such a dangerous environment and even the hospital was not safe.

"CEO, we haven't found anything wrong with that car. It seems that it is a normal private car." Jack's men called and reported the situation.

"What? Continue to investigate. I'd like to see what exactly is this car and who sent it here. " Jack still wanted to investigate the car. Only when he knew the owner of the car could he know his motive.

"Okay, CEO. I'll keep investigating!" Jack's man said. Then Jack hung up the phone.

Jack was still waiting for his men to bring him the news. Would the owner of that car be William? But William wouldn't do it herself.

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