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   Chapter 231 Investigation

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"I'm leaving now." Jack said first. The longer he waited, the more dangerous it would be to Emma. He had to leave now and couldn't let William's people notice him.

William's men and Amy's men had been searching every hospital. They had almost searched all the hospitals in the city, but they couldn't find where Emma was, because Jack didn't register Emma in the hospital at all.

William's men checked the last hospital and were about to go back. But when they went back, they saw Jack who was going out of the hospital. He began to feel a little strange. Why did he see Jack here?

"General manager, I just saw CEO in XX hospital." The man sent by William called William to report, because he really didn't know what Jack was doing here.

"Jack? Why did he go to the hospital? Go and check if Sam is in hospital! " William wondered why Jack appeared in the hospital he shouldn't have appeared?

"General manager, Mr. Sam is not in hospital." Soon he received a call from his assistant. Since Sam was not hospitalized, why did Jack go to the hospital?

"Go and check whether Emma is in this hospital or not!" It suddenly occurred to William that Emma might be here. That's why Jack went to the hospital.

"Okay, general manager. I'll check it now." The man replied immediately. He didn't dare to slack off a little, because if he couldn't complete this task, it might not be as simple as being kicked out.

He went to the in-patient department of the hospital to ask if there was someone called Emma. The nurse on duty in the hospital said that there was no such person. He asked if there was a person called Gerard, but the nurse still said that there was no such person.

That was to say, he could only wait here. Tomorrow when Jack came, he would follow Jack to see which ward Emma was in. He didn't call William, because he was sure to be scolded if he called him now?

an thought that room was where Emma was now. Otherwise, where would Jack go? He immediately called William.

"General manager, I know where Emma lives!" He sneaked into the corridor and whispered?

"Really? You did a good job this time. There will be a reward! " William was very happy to hear the news. He finally found Emma. His hard work was not in vain.

"Do you want me to stay here or not?" William's man didn't know what to do nest. He was afraid that if he didn't do it well, he would be scolded like last time.

"No. You can go back and have a rest. If I need any help, I will call you again." William said that he didn't need anyone's help now. After all, he couldn't help him alone in this situation.

Jack still arrived at the ward on time. When he saw that Emma had fallen asleep, he didn't know if she was asleep or not. Anyway, she had already begun to sleep. Sitting quietly next to her, Emma watched her sleeping.

Emma knew that Jack had come in and sat beside her. As soon as he sat down, Emma felt that Jack was looking at her again, but she couldn't open her eyes.

Lying on the bed, Emma felt her body stiff. As Jack was sitting there, Emma didn't dare to move at all. She felt numb after keeping a gesture for a long time.

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