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   Chapter 229 Hospital

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Amy knew that Emma was still alive. She also wanted to meet this little girl. She heard from William that she had the voice recording of his cooperation with Azure. How could her precious son's career be easily destroyed by a woman?

"William, where is Emma now?" Amy called William. She wanted to know where the woman was now. He had to help William get rid of her.

"Mom, I sent someone to follow her last night and planned to kill her secretly, but the person I sent hasn't come back yet. I don't know what's going on." William was also thinking about this matter. The whole night, there was no news from the people he sent.

"Then tell me when you get any news. I want to help you." Amy was determined to help William. It was said that woman's heart was most vicious. She must be very cruel. After all, she did not like this woman herself, so she would not let her go easily.

"Okay, mom. If you want to do something, you must leave no trace." William exhorted, though he knew his mother was more ruthless than him.

After hanging up the phone, Amy began to send people to look for clues about Emma. It could be said that Emma would suffer a lot if she met her.

Emma felt bored staying in the hospital. She couldn't do anything, and her phone hadn't been repaired, which made her uneasy.

But the doctor didn't allow Emma to leave the hospital in this way. Not long ago, she had a car accident and hadn't fully recovered yet. If she didn't rest well this time, there might be some sequelae in the future. So Emma could only listen to the doctor to stay in the hospital. For her own health and for she could go to see Jack.

What Emma didn't know was that Jack would come to see her secretly every night after she fell asleep, and the nurse always prepared her favorite food,


"Loser! Then why should I hire you? " After saying that, William kicked him.

The man fell to the ground painfully. Two days ago, he fought with others and his whole body was injured. Now he was kicked, which made him really painful. Seeing his painful expression, William was very happy. He began to kick him one by one.

That man could only endure the pain, because he had to work for him.

"Get up. If you fail again, you will end up with Emma." William didn't continue but warned him.

The man nodded immediately. It was just an accident for him to fail last time.

William thought he should investigate who was protecting Emma and where Emma was now. His plans had been destroyed by that person for two times. If it weren't for someone who helped Emma secretly, Emma might have been on the road of death!

Emma didn't know who attacked her and who saved her. She only knew that every time she felt that someone was following her, and this feeling was not a fantasy, but that someone was really following her. This made Emma feel scared. Was it because she had been targeted? The person who attacked her might be sent by William. But the person who saved her, is it Jack?

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