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   Chapter 228 Murder

Drowning In Your Love By Zi Ya Characters: 5915

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After Emma returned to the dining room, William pretended that nothing had happened and helped Emma to eat, but Emma didn't accept it.

Emma didn't know what happened today. She just felt strange today. Someone was following her, and so was William. Today, William made her feel a little uncomfortable.

But in the strange feeling, she felt a sense of security, just like Jack was with her. This feeling made her feel at ease. She should be back to Jack soon!

"CEO, as you expected, William began to take actions against Madam." Jack's men sneaked up on William's men from behind and began to call Jack.

"William was so bad. If I didn't ask you to keep Emma safe, something serious might happen tonight. " Jack gnashed his teeth in anger. William still give up.

"Well, keep an eye on Emma. Don't put Emma in any danger." Jack didn't want to waste too much time now, because the more time he wasted, the more dangerous it would be for Emma.

"Yes, CEO." His subordinate hung up the phone as soon as possible. William must have done more than that. He had to continue keeping an eye on William.

"Gerard, I think you are different tonight!" William said with a snicker. Emma felt it strange, different? What did he want to imply?

"Mr. William, you are also very different tonight. I feel very uncomfortable when you beat around the Bush tonight." Emma said straightforwardly.

"Oh? Is it? Miss Emma, how different am I? " William looked at Emma in this way. He also wanted to expose Emma's disguise to see if she admitted it.

"Mr. William, I don't understand what you are talking about. I don't know Miss Emma." Although Emma was stunned for a while, she quickly reacted. He began to play tricks on Emma again.

"Oh? Really? " There was disbelief in

patient has taken a large amount of diethyl ether. If she is sent here later, her life may be in danger." The doctor just said that. After the examination, the girl should have just experienced a car accident and hadn't recovered yet.

When Emma woke up, she found herself in the hospital. She didn't remember what had happened. She only knew that after someone came out and covered her mouth and nose, she fainted and then remembered nothing.

"Miss, you are awake!" When the nurse saw Emma wake up, she quickly came over and poured her a glass of water. The nurse was entrusted by Jack to take care of her in the hospital.

"Well, who sent me here?" Emma wondered why she was in the hospital. Who sent her here? Was it Jack?

"Miss, I don't know either!" The nurse was just telling the truth, because she really didn't know who sent her here. She only knew that the last person who asked her to take care of Emma was a very handsome man.

Emma didn't know why she was so unlucky recently. She had a car accident, and now she came to the hospital for no reason. Not long after she left the hospital, she began to come to the hospital again. Was the hospital her home?

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